Eavesdropping steak and potatoes

Israeli President Moshe Katsav, head of the Likud Party, has been charged by the Israeli police of rape and eavesdropping. He is accused by ten women of rape, and he is accused of eavesdropping. He is being asked to resign, and he’s expected to resign.
For eavesdropping? How silly!

Rape and eavesdropping. You don’t accuse a killer of murder and loitering. It’s not meat and a side order of potatoes, it’s meat AND potatoes. Rape AND eavesdropping. I guess it’s no small thing, eavesdropping: a president, wiretapping the phones of his subjects and associates.

Our own Chief of Misbehavior is not only accused of eavesdropping, he’s admitted to eavesdropping. He’s confessed. No amount of wrangling with the law retroactively can render illegal actions legal. Let’s ask President Bush to resign. Let him know it’s expected of him.

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