Democrats Pelosi and Rangel defend Bush

Chavez also called Bush a donkeyCan you make the argument that Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel are above all politicians, or diplomats shall we say, who like their political discourse to be civil? Hugo Chavez referring to Bush as a devil who behaves as if the world belongs to him may have been, in their minds, undiplomatic, shall we say?

That sort of logic would have Hans Christian Anderson’s courtiers reluctant to tell the emperor he had no clothes for fear it would be undiplomatic to make the emperor feel naked.

Pelosi resorted to name-calling herself, labeling the several-time democratically elected, survivor or two US coup attempts, liberator of Venezuela’s poor, Mr. Chavez, an “everyday thug.” Considering Chavez rose from poverty himself, Pelosi’s remark comes off bigoted as well.

There’s a simpler explanation. Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel are not what we want them to be. They are not in true opposition to the ruling party. Like their Democratic Party, they are imposters.

House Minority Leader Pelosi may have stood up for the American people once, not once-upon-a-time, but one time, having to do with the election. Charles Rangel I’m sure will champion something one day. But that is all, and it’s sufficient I guess. It gets politicians noticed by the press and gives the party apparent credibility. But, critically, it doesn’t allow a momentum of support to build because it’s only ever one diplomat at a time. When Pelosi speaks out about something, where are the others? When Boxer speaks out, where’s Pelosi? When Murtha speaks out, where are Boxer and Pelosi? Ad dystopium.

Who do you know around you that’s only a single issue person? Activists and scholars and intellectuals seem to be able to advocate for several things at a time. Good leaders certainly do to. So does your neighbor I bet. It’s inadvertent isn’t it? Can you picture an advocate of universal health care saying: oh, never mind about civil liberties? Have you met an antiwar protestor who is not also concerned about immigrant rights? It’s not just that social justice issues are interrelated, they have a common urgency and they affect us all.

Single episode politicians are imposters. They are not advocates for the people, they are but actors who speak the lines given them and no more. Something for the camera please, but do not upset the applecart.

Approach your local candidate, even for the teeniest, least promising office. Ask them to say something of consequence, even just to you. If they belong to a party, they cannot say a thing. That’s what it means to be accepted by the party and to have its endorsement. You can’t speak. And when you get to be House Minority Leader you get to tell others not to speak, even a leader of another nation. In this case the little boy who is saying you people are butt-naked and ugly too.

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1 Response to Democrats Pelosi and Rangel defend Bush

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    So Pelosi has the gall to call Hugo Chavez an ‘everyday thug’, does she? And just what has this supposed thug Chavez ever done to anybody? Last I heard he was making available discounted heating oil to the poorer residents of New York City to help them be able to afford heating there during the winter. Some thug he is, is he not!?

    And now let’s take the Democratic Party that Pelosi is an integral part of. This is truly a gang of thugs. They have destroyed entire regions of the planet with their thuggery. Take SE Asia where their war making ex-presidents dumped tons of Agent Orange on the people below, giving generations of children afterwards birth defects and cancer to live with. Has the Democratic Party ever called for repairing the chaos and disease they dumped upon Vietnam? Have they ever even said that they were sorry for what they did with all their thuggishness? Truth is, they never, as a political party, have admitted that what they did was criminal and wrong. That they had engaged in war crimes against the Vietnamese. They never told the American people that is was wrong to invade other countries. In fact, they have just kept on doing exactly that (Yugoslavia comes to mind).

    Has thug Pelosi ever called upon thug Clinton and thug Bloody Gore to try to undo some of the thuggishness they dropped onto Iraq during the 8 years of that Adminstration? Is not thug Slick even now running around pal-ing it up with the father of Baby Bush? He has no remorse for all the people he killed in Iraq. And neither does thug Pelosi. They put all the blame on Bush instead. What a bunch of thuggish cons!

    What about Haiti? These Democratic thugs invaded the country once (big humanitarians they are!), and then allowed Bush to invade it twice. Has anybody much heard from thug Pelosi calling for Bush to stop the killing there that he set loose? What about Afghanistan? What about Colombia? No, instead these thugs are getting ready to go along with Bush when he starts bombing Iran. This is something that Chavez opposes, by the way.

    It’s truly something to see the likes of these Richie Rich types like Pelosi call others ‘thugs’. Their hypocrisy knows no limits. These are thugs that have the biggest arsenal available to them imaginable, and use it constantly, too. All Chavez much has is his popularity, and his example of standing up against thugs like Pelosi. We need to stand up to them, too, and stop voting for them as supposed lesser of 2 evils. They are the evil, they are the thugs. They are our homegrown thugs. And together with the Republicans, they are the Evil Empire.

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