Kucinich announces he will herd wimpy and prayerful DP Peaceniks back inside church again

The best candidate who does not represent the Democrats 
Dennis Kucinich announced Wednesday that he is again running for president as a supposedly antiwar Democrat within his prowar party. Yawn. This time around, unlike before, one can cut the palpable unenthusiasm of the mascoshist antiwar element of the Democratic Party with a knife.

Rather than inspiring any hopes for leadership change amongst this faithful crowd, the announcement of his candidacy seemed more to have dashed any hope at all. The faithful believers are on to Dennis, it seems, and now know his role in the DP is to be merely that of a DP herd dog serving to keep the flock together. Together to get sheared of the wool over their eyes, we would hope.. lol.

But more likely to again just to get entirely group fucked in the deepness of the dark, depressing night. Or, for those more inclined to visualize romantically in this manner, a faithful flock to get completely reemed (in mass) underneath the light of the full moon…. Oh well, the prose here doesn’t really matter, it is the faith that does, they say.

More seriously now. If Kucinich was sincere about rallying Americans to end the US bipartisan government Iraqi and Afghan war fiascoes, he would run as an independent and not as a Democratic Party perennial loser. In short, he would denounce the Democratic Party as not fit for any patriotic American to participate in. That would be easy to do, too.

Imagine if instead of announcing his Democrratic Party fealty at thsi time, he had instead approached Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders, Cynthia McKinney and Noam Chomsky, say? Approached them and asked ALL for their endorsements in an independent run for president? Now that would be sincerity, rather than a false and hollow parody of it by going forth as some sort of pretend New Age George McGovern, or New Age Clean Gene pied-piper. Yes, Dennis could push the antiwar cause ahead. Just not by the action he has chosen to undertake.

These are times that test faith, are they not? Sane secular people can watch this contest of liberal vs conservative religious faithful from the side, and place our bets once again on which of these 2 dogs will persevere. Will Hound dog Haggard’s followers at New Life Church stay in that arena the following year in group more cohesive than the Democratic Party antiwar flock will be tempted to continue to be herded, by Pastor Dennis Kucinich? Me? I’m betting that the liberal DP religious faith is much stronger than that of the the RP-worshipping, ‘New Life’ certified, idiot big top tent mob. How ’bout you?

Religion is something else, isn’t it?! I’m thinking about converting to Islam!

3 thoughts on “Kucinich announces he will herd wimpy and prayerful DP Peaceniks back inside church again

  1. Hippiechick, I have to admit that Kucinich is looking pretty damn good with his individual comments so far to the press. Example- His call for the troops to be pulled out in 60 days is essentially a call for immediate withdrawal. I certainly have no bones to pick with that.

    The problem though, is that Kucinich is not really running to reform the Democratic Party, because that just cannot be done. The Democratic Party is a party with corporate control deeply entrenched inside the central core of it. It has always been that way and has never really been anything even remotely close to a ‘peoples party’, not even in the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. So I have to think that Kucinich’s only true role inside the DP is to act like an individual magnet to attract nice liberal voters like yourself, and to pull them back towards the corporate controllers of this ugly, ugly political party, the Democrats.

    In my lifetime, the biggest obstacle to achieving any real progressive change in America has been liberals stubbornly clutching to the idea that the Democratic Party can be something other than a corporate controlled political formation. If all your liberal efforts and energies used up trying to ‘reform’ the DP had been spent in an alternative manner, we would never have arrived into the Right Wing bipartisan social mindset that dominates America today.

    Kucinich could play a much better political role by breaking with the Democratic Party right now. He is not engaging in a serious struggle within it to gain control, despite his nice words. Why not? He simply has no serious proposals to derail the corporate control that dominates the inside of the Democrats. Can you imagine Dennis proposing that big donors to the DP be turned down, since allowing big donors to donate large sums allows them to essentially purchase the power of the leadership there? He won’t do that sort of thing, though.

    Further, Kucinich’s proposal to withdraw troops is quite nice, but where is this man when it comes to trying to get people actually out into the streets in a large and persuasive manner? It’s going to take a little more energy than just calling for voters to descend on the school and church polling sites to cast their votes. These was would have been already ended, if liberals had merely sustained their presence at large public demonstrations. Instead, it was one initial day trip to a demo or two, and then a shrug and walk away announcing that “This didn’t work.” Of course it didn’t, liberals did not sustain their efforts in public protest.

    That’s the problem with Dennis Kucinich. He’s not a mobilizer, but just a get out the votes sort of guy. That’s not enough, Hippiechick, to stop this war. And it’s certainly not enough to do anything more than that. Like moving America forward to changing its bad moral character.

    People have to get angry and stop just turning out to the polls to cast votes. They have to get angry and start abandoning the Democrats’ electoral mindset. They need to get angry enough to RIOT even.

    Changing the political character of the US is not a church event where only we vote, pray, and light candles. And unfortunately, Kucinich is just another Democratic Party choir boy. A maverick he is not, though he likes to have himself portrayed as being such. That is just about as phoney as Dubya strutting on an aircraft carrier like he’s some sort of great warrior. We need to move beyond images and see the realities in the world. And the reality about Kucinich is not all that great.

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