Tom Tancredo, my old homebase is in the news again, You Dope

Idyllic Mexican cultural heritageI have spend a lot of time in Tamaulipas, Mexico. And I once lived in Laredo across the river from this story, too. If you have never imagined such a place, Laredo is America’s largest inland port. That would make where this story occurred, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico’s largest inland port. Just one shallow river that flows from Colorado’s mountains, divides the 2 cities. Subcomandante Marcos (now going by the name, Delegate Zero) of the Zapatistas visited there last month. Here is what he saw, amidst the garbage of Tamaulipas.

I have to tell people about any real info written about Tamaulipas. It is really about America, too. Ask my daughter. She has spent much of her young life there.

Now, let me mention that I am offering our idiot Colorado Representative, Tomas Tancredo, free transportation with my family to visit in Tamaulipas. He can go fishing down there with the family, and doesn’t have to walk the same barrios that Marcos just did. Wouldn’t want the poor guy to get hurt. That is when he gets back from his ‘Third World’ Miami vacation that he passed at a swank hotel..

What a dummy this twerp is. He heads the House Immigragion Reform Caucus, and he is just about as knowlegable on immigration matters, as Silvestre Reyes is about Shia and Sunni divisions. In other words, he is a totally ignorant dumbass. If he thinks that Miami is ‘the Third World’?, duh, then come along, Fool, and let me show you.

Tom Tancredo was in the news last week embarrassing even the Bush Klan by his uniformed and stupid remarks that Miami was just like the Third World. Duh? Then why is much of Latin America trying to get there then? Not too many are trying to get to South Texas, though.

Maybe we can get this dummy a job at the Swift and Co meatpacking plant in Greeley? If he’s smart enough to even do the work right on the kill floor there even? I have my doubts. He’s only smart enough to be the Big Boss Man.

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