Real partisan lines

Many people who I’ve tried to enlist in this or that effort talk about not wanting to appear “political.” This is such a regretful argument because it reflects I think their ignorance of what all of us are up against. Anyone who is seeking to tackle societal problems at the source has to recognize that the causes are certainly political.
As opposed to “partisan.” Political activism has nothing to do with partisanship. Trying to improve our representation in government is not a liberal issue, nor progressive. Those who consider themselves conservative have the same need for representation and voice than anyone, especially it seems if you are a fiscal conservative!

And partisan lines drawn as between Democrats and Republicans are also hardly applicable. As the divide between have and have nots increases, both major parties have proven themselves champions of a single side: the tax-break class.

Not until we have congress people who are not multimillionaires, who have relatives facing employment and health insurance woes, who have children in the public school system, who do not owe their reelection to corporate lobbyists, will our interests have a chance in Washington.

Is this the old harang about class warfare? It most certainly is. People think perhaps that the different between the haves and have-nots is largely academic. It is not.

Do you have enough money that you can live off the interest without having to do a lick of work? No? Then you have not.

Is your neighborhood and family protected from the rising incidence of crime and drugs addiction? Then you have not.

Are you secure that you will always have a job, health insurance, retirement, education, leasure? Then you have not.

If you have twenty, fifty, one hunded, one thousand, one million times the annual income of your fellow man, then you are a have.

And you didn’t get it by robbing it from someone else who had too much. You took it from those twenty, fifty, hundred, thousand, or million persons who now have to make do with less.

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