The Fighting Arabs

The Notre Dame football players are called the Fighting Irish. Where did that come from? They’re Catholic, so they’re Irish? They’d more likely be Italian, or Belgian, or everyone who speaks Spanish. What is it about the Irish?

Our country has a love affair with the Irish, the Catholic Irish, and it explains Saint Patrick’s Day and our support of the IRA. We fought for our independence from Britain, why shouldn’t they?

English friends used to ask me, why do Americans send money to the IRA? Don’t we see the results of the IRA bombings in London? Do we mean to be supporting cold-blooded terrorists?

I didn’t know the answers to those questions, except one: no, the American public was not regularly shown the devastating bombings in England. Curious. Americans want to love the Irish.

If our support of the Irish cause has anything the slightest in common to do with Notre Dame, I have an idea for the Arab peoples. Buy an American university, at least control of its team, and nickname your athletes the Fighting Arabs. Give them an inspirational Muslim coach. Why not? Imagine them, scrappy Arab underdogs in resplendent heroic uniforms, they too can fight with God on their side.

There is absolutely no reason why Americans can’t cheer for the beleagered Arabs, and won’t pray for an upset, regardless a fan’s normally favored regional school team. Go Arabs! Go Islamists! Go you Fighting Persians!

4 thoughts on “The Fighting Arabs

  1. I guess having the Palmer High Terrors in our local area is not quite the same. There used to be a high school in the El Centro, California area called the Arabs, but I doubt that they have kept the name. It never was exactly politically correct.

  2. EVERY good Catholic knows that Jesus was an Irishman. He loved nothing more than to bend an elbow with his boys and make up funny limericks (There once was a jackass named Pilate. . .) The Bible would have us believe that it was wine but I feel quite sure that it was Guinness they were imbibin’ at the Last Supper.

    In recapping Saturday’s Notre Dame game the NBC website says, “The Irish won because their defense held UCLA to three-and-out and Quinn, in need of a Heisman moment, threw a 45-yard TD pass to Jeff Samardzija with 27 seconds left for a 20-17 victory.” Oh really, NBC? That’s why they won? No. They won because they had GOD on their side. Not only God but MARY. Didn’t you hear the cheerleaders, strawberry-haired and freckled, desperately chanting “Our Lady, Queen of Victory, pray for us!” as the clock ticked down, once again, to almost certain defeat?

    So go ahead and put together your team of Arabs. I’d like to see them appeal to the Great Copycat when they roll into South Bend to play Jesus and the fellas. I doubt if Brady Quinn would even break a sweat.

    Eric, let’s be honest. You’re just pissy because Notre Dame kicked a little UCLA heinie this weekend. Don’t blame Jesus because you chose to break ranks and attend a CALIFORNIA school when you should’ve been in Indiana cheering on the Fighting Irish.

  3. Well, Matt Keegan (a nice Irish name….I wanted to name my boy Keegan but my former….and I’m sure we understand why he’s a “former”…husband said no), I think this proves two things. Jesus loves the Irish and Jesus hates warmongers. No surprise there. Erin go braugh! Whatever that means!

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