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One less racist misogynist philanderer, but Instagram popularity is off chart

“You can fuck Magic Johnson for all that I care, just don’t put him on Instagram” billionaire Donald Sterling told his mistress in a now infamous recording in which he also explained he didn’t want her bringing black people to … Continue reading

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Update on the Vuvuzela ban in British Soccer

I mentioned the cheaply made plastic horns being banned on the ridiculous “public safety-homeland security” excuse that they could be a weapon. Now, I’ve a passing familiarity with weapons and the scars and record to prove it. If you could … Continue reading

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Texas football

The Park Cities, University Park and Highland Park, get Dallas city services, water supply, at no city tax cost to the residents. Super rich neighborhood, one of the richest in America. To add insult to injury, the Dallas Police department … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi’s new dog, Silvestre, fails IQ test

Democratic Party exINS police dog, Silvestre Reyes, flunked his IQ test this week. The new head of the House Intelligence Committee was given a series of basic questions about the Middle East by the journal Congressional Quarterly Today, and scored … Continue reading

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NFL Chunky

On TV and radio ads, they’re calling it Campbell’s NFL Chunky Soup, for the NFL Appetite.   Really now. NFL players are well tuned physical performers. Do you think professional athletes can afford to pump that much sodium, MSG, empty … Continue reading

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The Fighting Arabs

The Notre Dame football players are called the Fighting Irish. Where did that come from? They’re Catholic, so they’re Irish? They’d more likely be Italian, or Belgian, or everyone who speaks Spanish. What is it about the Irish? Our country … Continue reading

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Failed athletes in the military

Much was made of Uday’s wrath when athletes on the Iraqi soccer team would return untriumphant. If a player made a gaffe, Saddam’s evil son Uday would send him off to the front. The Iran-Iraq Front at that time.   … Continue reading

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No free TV

Television used to be free. They were the public airwaves and the networks were given the use of those airwaves so long as they were serving the public good. What’s happened? Now the public airwaves are full of television shows … Continue reading

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Zidane is not a son of a Harki

Harki is Algerian for collaborator. Zenedine Zindane has publically refutted the accusation before.   “Zizou” Zidane could not even speak the word on TV when asked what taunt had provoked his now infamous headbutt in the last ten minutes of … Continue reading

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