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One less racist misogynist philanderer, but Instagram popularity is off chart

“You can fuck Magic Johnson for all that I care, just don’t put him on Instagram” billionaire Donald Sterling told his mistress in a now infamous recording in which he also explained he didn’t want her bringing black people to his basketball games. The NBA responded by stripping the LA Clippers owner of his franchise because they won’t abide blatant racism, as if the NBA performer audience color divide wasn’t overt enough. Who could have envisioned a boyfriend being more jealous of Instagram than actual physical infidelity? KUDOS INSTAGRAM! And three cheers for billionaires so greedy that they can’t abide a sex-worker mistress being compensated with a house and car. Sterling’s wife sued the mistress to recover less than one percent of their tax-evading family trust, in spite of being forwarned that an incriminating tape would be leaked to the press. But I’m really curious about the friends Sterling said were complaining to him about the Instagram pic. Who sees someone posing with Magic Johnson and asks “why is your girlfriend standing next to a BLACK MAN?”

Update on the Vuvuzela ban in British Soccer

I mentioned the cheaply made plastic horns being banned on the ridiculous “public safety-homeland security” excuse that they could be a weapon.
Now, I’ve a passing familiarity with weapons and the scars and record to prove it. If you could possibly use a vuvuzela as a weapon, if you have that skill level, then you would do a far quicker job of it with your bare hands. I also mentioned that the Soccer Football clubs don’t ban drunken rowdies, and the existence of beer so strong it’s properly measured in “proof” the way distilled spirits would be, 40% alcohol = 80 proof. The usual strength of distilled spirits in the U.S. Anything over 100 proof, is considered “overproof”. This is not from direct experience, I don’t drink. I do have a steadily decreasing number of friends who do. One of the many Reaganite approved ways of offing yourself with a little help from the Corporate Empire. Like this example. 55% 110 Proof BEER. It’s a microbrew, sure. Most English beer that’s a mere 25% alcohol (they call American beer “piss”) isn’t micro-brew, it’s commercial grade toxins.
This stuff is called “The End of History”, they made like 12 bottles for sale, at 500 pounds per bottle. Using stuffed animals to hold the bottles. By that I don’t mean Winnie the Pooh dolls or “my pretty pony” dolls…

REAL animals, dead and stuffed.

Yes, that’s really a dead squirrel. You’d be drinking, had they not sold all 12 bottles almost immediately, so we know there’s at least 2 dozen truly SICK ind-DUH-Viduals on the loose in our planet who have enough money to pay about $750 for something like … drinking from a dead animal.

It seems to me that you’d be French-kissing a dead rodent. While and at the same time, in a pointlessly repetitive, yet redundant, sort of way, poisoning yourself.

Bottoms up. These dudes seriously need to make friends with Bill W.

Meanwhile, in America and in Britain one can get the equivalent of a life sentence if you have pain medicine that’s not prescribed for you. The Capitalist Propagandists who are cheering this particular piece of Legalized (and insane) Drug Dealing, also cheered when Jeb Bush refused to issue a pardon to a Florida Resident who had 20 Vicodins which had been prescribed to him, for neuro pain from Multiple Sclerosis, and given a 25 year sentence without parole on the One-strike-you’re-out rule. The same week that Jeb Bush’s daughter, who also happened to be the niece of the (at the time) Current President of the U.S. and the granddaughter of another President…. got probation and a “sentence” to drug rehab after testing dirty for cocaine while already on probation for drug offenses.

And, meanwhile, here in Colorado Springs, the TeaBags are petitioning to ban the use of Medical Marijuana citywide. Their Puppet Organization the “Our Westside Neighbors” Fascist Control Freak Group is supporting the petition.

Hypocrisy in action.

Texas football

The Park Cities, University Park and Highland Park, get Dallas city services, water supply, at no city tax cost to the residents. Super rich neighborhood, one of the richest in America. To add insult to injury, the Dallas Police department routinely patrols the “border” of these neighborhoods, to keep out the riffraff from the surrounding townships of Dallas, Oak Cliff, DeSoto and South Oak Cliff. Some of the most dirt poor areas of Dallas County. But the people and businesses in these townships, even though they also have the distinction of being separate municipalities, DO pay Dallas municipal taxes.
In Texas, Football is worshipped. It is their lower case g god. They sold the design to the State Legislature, which has to approve taxpayer subsidized business deals such as the New Improved cowboys stadium in Arlington, with a sliding roof over the hole , so God could still look down and watch His team play. One democratic legislator said quote “Well, if God approves of it, who are we to say different?” and voted yes to the proposition.

So now the Cowboys are no longer not in Dallas, they aren’t even in Dallas County, they are across the county line in Arlington, Tarrant Co. Texas. Just south of the Ballpark which his royal dumbness forced the City of Arlington to buy. For his team.

And the College football teams, and the high school teams, and even the Middle School teams, are considered a farm where the NFL gets to hand raise its candidates for the pro teams. Where one high school team star in a thousand gets a chance to even try out for a professional slot.

They worship the oblong ball. There was one Governor, Mark White. He was Attorney General under Republican Bill Clements, until Bush the most active death penalty freak governor in Texas, (mark white helped him along) then lost the next election to Bill Clements. One of the few powers the Governor of Texas actually has is in deciding the school curriculum. What lost Mark White the Job wasn’t his Zero Tolerance, wiretapping, warrantless searches, death death kill them all bwaaahaaahaaahaaa attitude, and laws, no sir. It was football. Specifically the No Pass, No Play law. Which is as simple as it sounds, failing grades, no extracurricular activities.

Whut do you-all mean Bubba cain’t play no more football jes cause he’s dumb as a sack of dirt? That’s downright on-American!

One thing they used to protest the law was suspending the star player of the Chess Club for failing PE at one middle school. That’ll larn them sissy-boy eggheads not to fuck with our football.

But there is one and only one good thing about the way the laws are set up.

You know the difference between an Air Force recruiter and a NCAA recruiter? The NCAA recruiter isn’t allowed on high school campuses.

The good thing is I get to use that as an example for arguing with people like our good friend Ray. Whoever he is.

Nancy Pelosi’s new dog, Silvestre, fails IQ test

Democratic Party exINS police dog, Silvestre Reyes, flunked his IQ test this week. The new head of the House Intelligence Committee was given a series of basic questions about the Middle East by the journal Congressional Quarterly Today, and scored ZERO on their IQ test for him. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction, it seems. But Pelosi’s pick for the spot didn’t seem to even know the difference between the Sunnis and the Shia! Unbelievable! Maybe they should rename it the House Ignorance Committee instead?

Even the CQ interviewer didn’t quite believe what he was hearing when he sat down with Reyes to talk about this newest advance in his career as Democratic Party top hack. Hint hint. Now go and give this test to Obama, too. We want some more fun. This is much better than watching Sasha Cohen play Borat. And even much more fun than a vactaion to Tehran to do a philosophy conference, even! Can we get Cheney tested now? Pleaseeeee….

Doesn’t it boggle the mind to think that this bipartisan DP-RP insane asylum trying to run another culture without a clue to what’s going on, could possibly succeed? Nobody speaks Arabic or Pashto, nobody in the country other than Pat Robertson, Billy Graham Baby, and Glenn Beck know anything about Islam (just kidding), and 99% of the US public that supports this fiasco overseas can’t locate their asses from a hole in the ground on a map! Yes, our leaders are all as stupid as rocks. Good going Democrats with picking Reyes for his post. He might be even stupider than Dubya? No mean feet. duh.

Look, to be fair, the liberal voters even to the Left of the Democratic Party politician hacks try to play Risk with other people’s lives while being totally clueless. How many of these nitwits want to go rushing in with US troops from Djibouti (I guess?) into Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic? Give these good hearted fools an IQ test about the region, and they would be out of their Risk game within secs due to brain infarcts.. Most of these liberal wannabe admirals so ready to Trotsky into areas like that, probably have already forgotten their Kosovan Albanian. It is sad, this US desire to control the world. When will it stop?

NFL Chunky

For the NFL BellyOn TV and radio ads, they’re calling it Campbell’s NFL Chunky Soup, for the NFL Appetite.
Really now. NFL players are well tuned physical performers. Do you think professional athletes can afford to pump that much sodium, MSG, empty carbohydrates, and bad fat into their bodies? NFL players earn multimillion dollar salaries. Think they’re eating canned soup?

Do you think this might be false advertising? Campbell’s NFL Chunky is for the NFL Appetite. For the chunky NFL couch eater.

The Fighting Arabs

The Notre Dame football players are called the Fighting Irish. Where did that come from? They’re Catholic, so they’re Irish? They’d more likely be Italian, or Belgian, or everyone who speaks Spanish. What is it about the Irish?

Our country has a love affair with the Irish, the Catholic Irish, and it explains Saint Patrick’s Day and our support of the IRA. We fought for our independence from Britain, why shouldn’t they?

English friends used to ask me, why do Americans send money to the IRA? Don’t we see the results of the IRA bombings in London? Do we mean to be supporting cold-blooded terrorists?

I didn’t know the answers to those questions, except one: no, the American public was not regularly shown the devastating bombings in England. Curious. Americans want to love the Irish.

If our support of the Irish cause has anything the slightest in common to do with Notre Dame, I have an idea for the Arab peoples. Buy an American university, at least control of its team, and nickname your athletes the Fighting Arabs. Give them an inspirational Muslim coach. Why not? Imagine them, scrappy Arab underdogs in resplendent heroic uniforms, they too can fight with God on their side.

There is absolutely no reason why Americans can’t cheer for the beleagered Arabs, and won’t pray for an upset, regardless a fan’s normally favored regional school team. Go Arabs! Go Islamists! Go you Fighting Persians!

Failed athletes in the military

Athlete dyingMuch was made of Uday’s wrath when athletes on the Iraqi soccer team would return untriumphant. If a player made a gaffe, Saddam’s evil son Uday would send him off to the front. The Iran-Iraq Front at that time.
Americans are familiar with the lingo. It was a running joke on Hogan’s Heroes and became a timeless adage. Displease Der Fuhrer, you’re sent to the Russian Front.

Well now, where do suppose members of America’s military sports teams go if they fail to deliver the goods? If you are cut from the Army football team, or baseball team, or volleyball team, or basketball team, or any of the four branches of our military’s athletic self-promotion programs? Where are our soldiers sent if they are not playing for the home team?

We even send members of the military bands there. Our Eastern Front.

No free TV

Television used to be free. They were the public airwaves and the networks were given the use of those airwaves so long as they were serving the public good. What’s happened?

Now the public airwaves are full of television shows we cannot stomach. All the advertized programming is carried by cable stations for which viewers have to pay.

Now the NFL has its own network and more and more of its games will be available only through pay-per-view. Football teams that are subsidized by municipal and state taxes are withholding their performances unless they are paid-per-view.

To mix a metaphor with a pun: I hope this will be the shit that breaks the fan.

Zidane is not a son of a Harki

What did you say?Harki is Algerian for collaborator. Zenedine Zindane has publically refutted the accusation before.
“Zizou” Zidane could not even speak the word on TV when asked what taunt had provoked his now infamous headbutt in the last ten minutes of the World Cup. He would only say that Materazzi had insulted his mother and sister, three times.

The western press has suggested that the term was “terrorist” whore. Doesn’t make sense, does it? What kind of traction do your mother’s combat boots have anymore? Zidane is the son of Algerian parents who emigrated to France after Algeria gained its independence.

But there’s a word in France that still burns every Frenchman. Collaborator. Use your imagination what it means to insinuate that your mother and sisters were collaborators.

While it still raises a Frenchman’s blood pressure to accuse his family of having collaborated with the Nazi occupation. There is sympathy as well for those accused. Quite a few French families did collaborate or had no choice.

The term that Zidane refuses to repeat, even in defending his action, was in his words, “a grave insult.” His parents speculated that the term might have been Harki. (If you Google: algeria +grave +insult, you get Wikidedia’s definition of Harki.) Harki is the name for Algerians who collaborated with the French against Algeria’s fight for independence. It is a term with which Zidane has a history.

Boy oh boy do I imagine the western press does not like to deal with insults being thrown at colonial sympathizers. At a time when the Iraqi people are trying to fight their American invaders, and Palestinians are trying to throw off their Israeli occupiers, and each repressive government is trying to recruit turncoats for their cause. There on television we’re shown the profund visceral resentment of being accused of betraying your own people.

At the World Cup Final on TV we saw that a person could forego the unblemished legacy of his sports career, even jeopardize the World Cup match for his team, just to repudiate the suggestion that his family slept with the enemy. The enemy being the West.

Ironically, the western press chose to translate Harki as “terrorist.” It wouldn’t seem to be much of an insult at all, unless it accurately referred to the French paratroupers use of state-sponsored terror to thwart the Algerian struggle.

Just as Iraqi resistance fighters are being called insurgents and terrorists. There will be a word to describe those Iraqis who collaborate with the brutal US occupation. Maybe that word will mean “terrorist” after all.