The movement against illegal immigration

Oh those illegal immigrants! Something has got to be done now to stop this. My buddy, Jeff Henry of the Colorado Springs Minutemen, would be proud of what this town did to stop this plague from continuing to infect them. ‘Infect’, that’s something Jeff’s worried about coming from illegal immigrants. He’s a very clean Anglo dude, who washes his hands each time he goes to the bathroom or engages in other functions with his privates.
So Patrick, uh I mean Jeff… Henry makes it his hobby to warn folks that their All American gringo kids might get infected form Mexican kids (without documents) infecting our All-American public schools with their germs. He’s worried about National Security and public health he is. What a civic minded dude. Well, Jeff, stand up and applaud Kondopoga for how they handled their illegal immigrant problem, when they got overrun by hordes of this illegal vermin from the South.

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