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Not My Tribe uses the Tallgrass theme, an adaption from Wp-Andreas with a number of modifications, among them: meta tags, artifact ID, single post handling, mouseover.

Tallgrass features an extended header to disguise the blog nature of the architecture, adding tags found otherwise in traditional publishing websites. View the source code to see and borrow them. The meta tags change depending on the hierarchy of the page in question. Tallgrass features improved handling of page descriptions and abstracts.

There’s an artifact ID line to distinguish individually generated reads.

Tallgrass also features links to the previous and next posts, and mention of the author and publishing date beneath the post title.

We’ve also added a post number tag adjacent the post title for providing a temporary url to the article which presents it in the context of recent articles instead of alone.

There is also a mouseover title which uses Javascript but which has introduced a conflict with the WordPress header superfunction.

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