Lieberman walk the plank

Lieberman wanted to be presidentNOW that the election is over and Joe Lieberman has defied the Democratic Party to run as an independent, would it not make sense for the party to reject Lieberman’s attempt to label himself once more a Democrat. He’s a Zell Miller Democrat, which is not a Democrat at all.

If Lieberman is let to call himself a Democrat, he qualifies for leadership of subcommittees vital to the new power structure in Congress. He would be in the position to obstruct the investigations and deny the swift justice which Democrats must deliver. They need to kick him out.

But why stop there? The new Democratic majority should initiate censure, impeachment or criminal hearings for Lieberman. He should be charged with the same malfeasance as the Bush White House. With the added rancor accorded Benedict Arnold.

Back when Lieberman was bumped out of the primaries, there was tremendous jubilation at an entrenched incumbent finally being unseated. I noticed pronounced little fanfare at Lieberman’s victory last night. The networks knew better than to broadcast his victory speech. I guess no one wanted to see that.

While I’m at it, I’d like to suggest that the people of the State of Connecticut face some stiff penalty for reelecting this terrible scheister. Of course, most of his votes came from Republicans.

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