Everything Has Changed, Nothing Has Changed

The Corporate Party of Damage Control has won a stunning victory over the Corporate Party of Total Corruption! Liberals are dancing and shouting, ‘Down With Fascism!’, all the while ignoring all the cooperation that is being talked about by these two groups of friends. The Republicans are becoming more ‘conciliatory’, while the Democrats are expected to become more ‘stern’. Rumsfield has been cast temporarily aside, and Bush has just told the nation on TV that he plans to be less abusive to his wife, Representative Pelosi. Yes, everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed. Hope rises up eternal, even as reality suggests little and crashes its oppressive weight down upon us still.

Watching Bush’s press conference this afternoon, was like watching Ted Haggard in his last week of pastorhood, or Enron’s management team in their last weeks before the topple. Yes, but the Fundamentalist churches haven’t evaporated out of existance, and the corporate criminals are still there bigtime running the US economy down to the bone with the profits flowing into their pockets, and our corrupt corporate pretend-democracy still holds supreme power in America. Liberals, your votes count for nothing when you vote where democracy doesn’t really exist. Deluded first that fascism was implanted solidly, now deluded that their votes have turned the tide.

The anitwar movement needs to be on its toes now. The Bush team is into national unity mode once again, and want to work better with the Democrats. What better way than attacking ‘the terrorists’ once again? That’s the Christian-Judeo way, is it not? We can expect bombings to begin on Iran and probably Syria within weeks. And the Democrats will join along with Bush on this one for sure. Let’s hope all those Democratic Party liberal voters can bring themselves into the streets instead of just a weeping into their tea? Let’s pray that they can do better than just ‘vote’. Let’s hope that they began to reject ALL the wars, and not just the more expensive of them.

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1 Response to Everything Has Changed, Nothing Has Changed

  1. Avatar Marie says:

    Oh Tony, How do we get our heads off the pillow each morn? I had the distinct displeasure of watching HBO’s “Hacking Democracy” (or something like that….I really can’t be bothered today with details) about the corruption inherent in the voting system. Now we are all supposed to rejoice that the Dems have overtaken the House? Possibly the Senate? I’m not up on the latest details because I am worried about Britney and Kevin. To file for divorce with two young children on election day points to possible postpartum depression. I hope Tom Cruise will call Brit with words of support, now that he understands how real and how painful depression can be, but I doubt he will.

    None of this political crap matters. I only voted because Eric took me firmly by the lapels (I love it when he does that…especially when I don’t have lapels…use your imagination) and marched me down to Cheyenne Mountain Elementary so I could get my sticker o’ civic involvement.

    Well, if voting for every Libertarian candidate on the ballot, voting against every “I control you” initiative put forth by the powers that be, voting for every “you control you” initiative put forth by the powers that be constitutes civic involvement, then I’ve done well.

    I’m quite sad about Amendment 44. Needless to say, the party at my house is cancelled.

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