‘Tokyo Rose’ in Retrospect

BBC news has an interesting report about the true history of ‘Tokyo Rose’ on its site right now. Many of the youngsters out there might not remember who she was, so I’ll try to sum it up some. Basically, she was the combination Osama bin Laden/ Jane Fonda hate object for the gungho American militarists belonging to the WW2 generation. An uppity woman and an uppity wayward terrorist mercenary in one bundle!

Or so the American media of the time had it. Here’s the story in retrospect courtesy of the BBC. She may have had more venom once directed at her, than that directed toward Jane Fonda and Hillary Clinton combined. No small accomplishment for one woman one might add. All of it apparently totally undeserved, too.

Wonder how many of the 70 year PLUS generation even know today, that she was actually found innocent and pardoned by the US government? The propaganda built around her was another shameful episode in the witchhunt of the Japanese Americans during WW2.

And this type of hysteria is slowly building against Muslims right now, all under the guise of fighting what Bush and his henchmen have ridiculously labeled ‘Islamic Fascism’. Some who have donated to Islamic charities have already found themselves in Tokyo Rose’s situation. And no doubt there will be other innocent Muslims persecuted in the days ahead. Anyway, it is a worthwhile read at the BBC….

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