War on Treadmill

Are we getting somewhere?The War on Terror, so called. Five years after 9/11, experts ponder, have we made ourselves any safer?
Any child learns that waging a war against somebody who is mad at you only makes them madder, you madder, and matters worse. The fabled Hatfields and McCoys never learned, their families fought each other until long after we could remember why. But they were hillbillies.

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  1. Avatar Tony says:

    “War on Terror”? What is that? And besides, can the world’s worst terrorists, the US government, lead a “War against Terrorism”? That would be like fighting themselves, would it not?

    If our sorry government elected by the US corporations want to protect us against terrorism, then how about a war against infectuous disease? That would involve medically covering all of us in the US, instead of denying us medical care when it is needed.

    And what plan do our idiot 2 corporate controlled political parties have to stop the emerging epidemic of drug resistant infectuous diseases from killing us in the future? The paper just last week mentioned that a new strain of tuberculosis was resistant to all antibiotic treatment. Talk about terrorism, and the DP-RP mzachine has not even an inkling of a plan to deal with this situation other than to shut their mouths about it.

    Other news of the day. Today, John Kerry called for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. US troops need to be withdrawn from that country, along with withdrawing them from Iraq. The Democrats once again show themselves to be ass backwards. Pun intended.

    What is a Democratic Party politician? Answer- He is an elephant’s ass. Ain’t that right, Joe Lieberman?

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