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Bank of America to Americans: “You gonna be our bitch”

Yes, our old friends who took a billion dollar gift from America, paid no taxes... Got us again. Seems they're going to make the consumers pay for regulations which prevented them from unannounced and hidden fees. The smug perfectly manicured bastard interviewed by NBC news said: "People should complain to their congressmen" because Congress told them they're not allowed to steal (sometimes not allowed) from us and thus they "lost" MONEY THE THIEVING BASTARDS DIDN'T ALREADY HAVE, IT WAS STILL OUR MONEY AND THEY WERE PROHIBITED FROM STEALING IT. Yes, by those calculations, anybody who buys a watchdog or installs a burglar alarm Owes The Burglars Compensation. The Smiling Smug with the hands that never touched a shovel said "Well, somebody's got to make up the cash, it's just going to have to be the Consumers" .. Like he ever gave two shits about the well being of consumers. Watch as they give out another billion in year end bonus payments, and sneer at us Mere Peasants who dare to believe we shouldn't be ripped off. And they wonder why people throw airplanes at their buildings. I put "Ron Paul 2012" in the tags just because so many Tea Bag Morons are looking for it and it'll show up in their google search.

Buy our elephant repellent, write us a blank check…

There's an old joke about an "Elephant Repellent" that's guaranteed to keep elephants away from you. When it's noted that there's not an elephant for hundreds of miles around, the punch line, from the person who has already taken the money, "See how well it works?" So, this weekend the Homeland Insecurity Thieves conned many Americans, bigger than shit. Told us there was "credible evidence" Friday morning of three recent travellers from the Middle East who were supposed to make car bombs and make them go BOOM and kill up a whole buncha people and we have to be diligent and keep looking for these guys even though there's no picture, no names, just "beware of Arabic looking fellows" and other racist crap. We're supposed to profile every dark skinned individual, look at every dark person as a potential murderer. What are we supposed to do, dial 9 1 1 every time a Negro enters the general area? I mean, it sure sounds like that's the general "non-racist" intent, right? But anybody who notices that the threatened by unknown, un-named anonymous Terrorists and tipped off by an anonymous snitch... man, that's mighty convenient ain't it? And the threat never was carried out, my what a surprise... but the High Paid Liars at Homeland Security get to say "See? we prevented a terror attack and did it so well that you don't have to know any of the details, not even how much we got paid to skin you gullible bastards outta your bread errr 'protect you', yeah, that's the ticket". It's called "selling a Hog", people. It's one of the oldest confidence games there is. The government is taxing us to build super-secret Magic Invisible Shields to keep out the giant fire-breathing mutant flying earthworms. You say you've never seen any of those giant fire breathing mutant flying earthworms? See how well it worked... now pay up....

They hanged Pinocchio and let Gepetto walk… 12/30/2006

As is so often true in death penalty cases. From 1979 til 1991 he was propped up by mostly the Reagan Regime as a counter to the Iranian revolution. Who are also the chief "witnesses" against him in the matter of killing a few thousand Iraqi citizens. With their active involvement. Their active PAID involvement, because they a) don't work cheap and b) don't actually work. "They" being a cast of villains like Reagan, Bush the Elder, Ollie North, the Miami Cuban Cartel, Richard Secord, Donald Rumsfeld, Admiral Poindexter, traitors and murderers all. Selling stolen arms for stolen money and getting Americans killed in the process, like the Marines in Beirut. (Lt Col North, three words, Ollie... Semper... Fi... Bitch) They got several times as many people killed by their Other Puppets, like the Salvadoran death squads, the Contras, the Medellin Cartel, to bring more people into Capitalist Slavery in the name of "Freedom". And they're still sending their brainless minions to kill for their own profit. Any of y'all soldiers assigned to read our blog, dudes, get smart and desert. Split, boogie, depart, sortez... Get Out Of The Slaughter Machine. Your Military is owned by the same Rich Bitches who owned Saddam's Army and financed al Qa'eda. They don't give a rat's ass about your lives any more than they did the 2800 they had killed on 9/11 or the 300 Marines they had murdered in Beirut or the uncounted thousands of Nicaraguan priests, nuns, nurses, doctors, teachers, orphan children and other civilians they "liberated" with American-bought bullets to the heads. They won't give any more of a damn about your lives than the lives of the Iraqi and Afghan civilians they had you murder. If it comes down to a choice of them facing the hangman themselves or scapegoating you the way they did their Other Puppets, you'll be stretching the rope. It's just the way the coward bitches do business. Ollie North has been rewarded for his selling out "his fellow" Marines by being paid several million dollars a year to LIE for his whoremasters, on a Fox News show. Gunny Bob Newman has a similar Whore deal for much less money on Hate Talk Radio. If either of them were to actually, for the first time in their sorry worthless misspent lives, MAN THE HELL UP AND TELL THE GOD-DAMN TRUTH, they would be sold out the way their Masters sold out Manny Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama, the top level financiers of the Medellin Cartel... Betraying your countrymen and your oaths is Okey Dokey with them, but betraying the Whoremasters isn't permitted.

Oh Come THE HELL ON! Get Your Damn Story Straight, SEALs!

First they said that Usama had "died like a coward" throwing a woman at the SEALs as a "human shield" and The Denver Post and the GagZette and every other Blood-thirsty "news" Propaganda agency in the country bought it, ate it up like a scoop of ice cream. NOW, typical of Cop behavior when they blow away an unarmed suspect, the PIGS are saying they thought he was going for a weapon. Which is it? Did he have both hands full of Female Human Shield or was he going for a gun You Lying Sons Of Bitches? This isn't your average midnight Terror Police Raid, this one has hanging on it all the idiotic War Drum Beating about taking over Pakistan in addition to the two unwinnable wars you already have going. Iraq still isn't ruled by the Iraqi people, they still have the Puppet Nouri al Maliki using U.S. Soldiers to keep the Iraqi people from storming his castle. The Warmongering Profit-hungry GreedPigs are still raking in the do-re-mi over that and other actions they can sell the Weapons of Conquest to "Mission Accomplish". How much fatter must we allow the Daddy Warbuck Hogs to get? The Navy and anybody else in the loop have been changing their stories more often than changing partners at a square dance. A regular Snake Orgy of tangled lies.

Right Wing “lone wolf” murderers

Their Whoremasters like Sarah Palin and the rest of the DumFox crew still refuse to admit that they urge people to KILL (they have to have other people do it because they're too frightened to murder people themselves). Usually it's male wannabee hitmen like Jared Loughner, Jim Adkisson, von Brunn, Scott Roeder, Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Erik Rudolf, Local Retard Gary Faulkner and the occasional physically female like Babykiller Shawna Forde, and they have a few other things in common. They're usually part of local cults, not exactly "lone wolf" like the Right Wing Hate Media claim. They usually go after people they consider weaklings. And they perceive their Fox News Whoremasters to be speaking literally when they rant and rave and foam at the mouth about a "War" against any form of Non-Fox Thought. Like Sarah Palin urging her demented Disciple Jared Loughner to murder 6 people in Tucson. Lou Dobbs urging Shawna Forde and her crew to Murder (yet another) nine year old American Child. If Gary Faulkner had succeeded in killing some Pakistan citizens, most likely including children, in his Rambo-inspired fantasy quest to take out the ALREADY DEAD Osama bin Laden, who among the Hate-Mongers would take the credit for sending yet another Hate-Filled Wannabee Holy Warrior/Crusader to MURDER HUMAN BEINGS for their political agenda? The Freakin' Bureau of Incompetence practically admitted that bin Laden is dead. They published a "wanted poster" that had Somebody Else As The Picture and said as their excuse that nobody has any verified pictures of Osama bin Laden since 2002. So how would the dumbass even know if the Fellow Child Of God who he would end up murdering was actually bin Laden? There's a growing consensus, just not among the Right Wing Hate Media, and their really Stupid Cult, that Osama bin Laden is largely a creation of the Warmongers, a boogyman set up to draw heat away from the real players. And that he isn't alive today. According to his "profile" and the Hate-Wing Media sure does love them some profilin', say there should be MORE profiling, usually on Racial lines... (but they're not racists at least according to themselves) he's a glory hound. A narcissist. (like the dumbshits the DumFox crew turns loose on Usually American Targets) who thrives on media attention, playing center stage, a ham, always wanting the spotlight. He would play Juliet if he couldn't get the role of Romeo, just to guarantee the star credits. Somebody who wouldn't go nine years without having his picture taken and published and verified. That doesn't prove the theory that he was an actor hired by the War Industry to provoke a war which is paying them very handsomely. It goes a long way toward debunking the purism and dogma that passes for "information" from the so-called authorities. "Thou Shalt Not Question Fox News, for they are Holier than thou" Speaking of "Dog"ma, and socially retarded trailer trash, "Dog" the Bounty Hunter said last summer that he could deliver Osama bin

Corporate personhood: unintended consequences

yes/no: are corporations persons? Are Corporations composed of shareholders? Do Corporations act on behalf and with the explicit consent of the shareholders? Has the corporation, with said consent, used any consideration of value including the intellectual property of the corporate officers or of salaried employees or contractors ever made statements supporting the Death Penalty or joined as paying members any organization supporting the Death Penalty? Do they accept without question the definitions of Capital crimes including giving false testimony which results in the death of another human being, killing for money, treason? Of the shareholders holding a majority of the stocks bonds or other assets of the corporation, do ANY have stocks in Advertising AND firearms corporations AND Data/Software Corporations which publish movies or video games glorifying violence? Do any of the corporate Persons advocate the notion that firearms are necessary for self defense? Have any of the corporate persons made statements advocating lenience in the cases of persons condemned to death as accessories to capital murder, such as the "getaway driver"? Does the corporation support acts of retaliation against the perpetrators of 9/11? Does the Corporation support such acts even against nations which were NOT the perpetrators, such as Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan? Combine the answers with facts such as Advertising for guns, like SUV ads, are directed to people who feel powerless and victimized, that firearms are used by Americans in either accidental or intentional homicides which are NOT self defense many times more than any adjudicated cases of Self Defense, that the violent movies and video games teach that killing is not only acceptable but fun, and NewsCorp and its subsidiaries such as FOX News and the Republican and Tea Parties are guilty of many more capital murders Every Year than the number of victims of the WTC attacks.

“Capital” Punishment, forced compliance with Money-Worship.

If, as a Corporate Lawyer and somewhat friend suggests, Capital were the be-all and end-all for progress, economically, politically, technologically, and even spiritually, why then is Participation Made Mandatory? The Capitalist PIGS go after not only nations who opt for a more socialist economy, but communes within the Capitalist CONTROLLED countries. Communal economies such as Anarcho-Syndicalism are brutally repressed, Unions are Brutally Repressed, by taxpayer funded State Manifestations of Power, like the Ludlow Massacre. The PIGS who murdered the 4 students at Kent State had loaded submachine guns, (M16A1) simply because earlier that day they were “negotiating” with a Teamster strike. At gunpoint. Since the guns weren’t pointed at the Corporate Faction in any of this, it’s patently obvious who exactly the Ohio National Guard were representing. Their Rich-Bitch Owners. If, as the Capitalists assert, it’s their own initiative, their own industry and entrepreneurship which gained them their riches, and anybody who takes government handouts is a Welfare State Junkie... Why then don’t they “just say no” to the Welfare State subsidizing THEIR INDUSTRIES far above and beyond what pittances are accorded the Public at Large. Instead huge amounts of Public Money is spent to ensure that the Public never rises in power. The People are kept down, especially the Working Class, by Police and Military and Court so-called “authority”, Union activity and other organized and coordinated collective action groups which benefit the individual workers above the Corporate Masters, criminalized and punished, yet so-called “revolutionaries” organized by the Corporations to protect the status-quo of Corporate Hegemony, both at home and abroad, like the so-called Tea Party so-called “patriots" not merely protected by the police and military but actually encouraged? If the Capitalists had such hegemony, not only the right but the Duty to bring every nation and every person on earth under their dominion, if it were really patently obvious, as they insist it is, why would they spend more than half the Government Budgets of the United States, the states themselves and local “authorities” to FORCE compliance at gunpoint? Why would it be necessary to send soldiers to other countries, to force those countries to obey the Capitalist Ideal, and why would it be necessary to lie and call such forced compliance “freedom”?

9/11 of course. What did you expect?

Thanks to Friend Tony for pointing out that people who don't believe the Official Story of 9/11 is actually valid, are so stupid that we don't merit being read, listened to or answered. This makes somewhere around a hundred times he's made this comment, after listening to or reading them. I guess it should be pointed out AGAIN some of the many reasons why the Official Story needs some serious questioning. One is the cult like nature of the Resistance Movement Against Questioning The Official High Priests Of 9/11. Such as the Congressionally appointed commission which was stacked top to bottom with people who reaped enormous profit from touting the official story. War Contractors top the list. Political Hacks whose only chance to survive is by groveling to the War Contractors and taking the bribes offered by said Daddy Warbucks types. Hacks like Bush, and Palin, and Daddy Warbucks types who are ALSO Political Hacks. Cheney, North, Rupert Murdoch and his cast and crew of Paid Professional Liars, which now includes Sarah Palin. Then there are people who have only one purpose, one drive to continue life... Hatred. People like Pamela Geller. There's some crossover with the War Contractors and Political Hacks on that score as well, Michelle Malkin leaps to mind. The biggest thing about any and all of these people who either demand that we not question Their Sacred 9/11 Gospel of Hate, lest they brand us as Non-Americans. Which, you know, when enough of the Anti-American Terrorists like the re-branded Ku Klux Klowns of the Tea Party catch somebody whom they've declared to be "Not a REAL American" out alone and helpless, extra heavy on the helpless, they can get really vicious. Killing Vicious. Alternated with mocking anybody who questions them or points out their dangerous behavior problems, like Murder, Arson, Aggravated Assault... those type of things, must be "stupid" or "Crazy" or some other version of "not able to think rationally nor intelligently". And all this from people who either consistently Lie about just anything they open their cake-holes to spew, deliberately and with full knowledge that they're lying, or the Disciples of their 9/11 Official Story Cult, apparently some of them unable to tell that the most blatant lies are in fact lies,... but most of them too Morally Chickenshit, lacking the courage to face those Lies and call them Lies. The proponents of the 9/11 Official Gospel also told us that there were Training Camps in Afghanistan, camps which, after almost 9 years of continuous occupation by United States and allied armies, have never actually been found. The million pounds of Nerve Gas supposedly in Iraq. Supposedly moved around an urban population center, Baghdad, by underpaid, underfed, undereducated, undertrained and badly demoralized Teenage Conscripts who had no training in handling Nerve gas, often only a half-hour ahead of U.N. Weapons Inspectors... without one single accident. The United States, which has more stockpiled Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons than the rest of the world combined, stores "our" Nerve Gas in climate

9/12 thoughts then and now… the Left was right.

Because, you see, the trained flying-monkeys of the NeoCons are once more going to hold their 9/12 rally, where we're supposed to remember and meditate on how we felt the next day. It didn't take THAT long. There were plenty of red-flag warnings that Bush was going to pull something like that off. We had a semi-articulate right wing chimpanzee in the White House through a stolen election. Who for some reason was proud to have a reputation as somebody who gets aroused by dying people, like his execution videos. Whose supporters firmly promised a Police State BEFORE 9/11. Our thoughts on that day: Oh My God, the ape has been given his Reichstag Fire, now he's going to blame the Left and gut America. The bastards already had the "Patriot Act" written up and on congressional desks. Coincidence? I think it isn't. It's not like their scriptwriters hadn't provided plenty of bullshit for a decade prior to it, what they would do once handed such an event. They promised to constantly lie to us and the Simple-minded Sheep would believe enough of what they said they wouldn't have to worry about those who are smart enough and brave enough to question the lies. Their miscalculation of how "easy" it would be to conquer Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran, yeah, people were discussing that BEFORE the buildings collapsed. "Oh, My God! That MORON Bush is going to Fuck America Raw!" Sho' nuff.

Life follows art, “99 Luft-Balluns” and Seoul, ROK

This is what we've waited for, this is it Boys, this is WAR! The balloons weren't released from North Korea, but from a Korean version of Elementary School. Do Chiang. Which is also the name of a Tae Kwon Do school. That's the only way I know it. Apparently some folks witnessed what they thought were small parachutes drifting into the trees and panicked, dialed Nine-Eleven.

Reagan breaks PATCO… America WINS! Or did we?

Yep, bust the Union, bring in workers whose only qualification was that they were dumb enough to work as Scabs, shank their Fellow Workers and their families and then expect to get decent treatment from the Big Boss Man. Trickle down effect of decades of infrastructure neglect and what happens. Arguably, 9/11, but that wasn't entirely the fault of the Controllers or equally arguable that it even happened as narrated by Bush and his fellow liars for the next hundred months or so. Then there were two Air Controller Scabs making jokes about how to barbecue a cat while a horrific accident was taking place. And today, somebody thought it meet to Bring The Kid To Work. I'm not a pilot, but I play one on my flight simulator program. I can't think of anything more horrifying than to realize that the lives of yourself, your crew, your passengers and anybody your plane is likely to hit are suddenly being controlled by a CHILD. Add in that it's JFK airport in Nueva Jork. Gee, how symbolic can you get? We, the People, get the opportunity to be probed, Xrayed, scanned, probed again, disrobed, and possibly waterboarded right there in the boarding area and denied access to transportation because our Third Grade Teacher's Maiden Aunt once wrote a strongly worded letter to the editor condemning Harry Truman. Yeah, THAT JFK. So, this is not only embarrassing for the FAA, but also NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS and all those other groovy initials who have been doing some hi-tech Panty Peekin' at least since Christmas. "Don't worry about our Draconian security measures, just take the thorazine, your flight attendant will assist you out of your clothes and into the strait jacket, and remember that Not A Sparrow Shall Fall on our watch without us knowing about it, it's all for the Greater Good". I shudder to think which article of clothing or body orifice they used to smuggle in the kid.

Christian on Christian Crime Spree, ongoing…

The nationalities of those identified as the hijackers on 9/11... 15 Saudis, 2 UAE, one Lebanese and one Egyptian, all of them U.S. allies in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. and Allied Casualties on D-Day, D-Day, 2499 Verified American dead, 10,000 ALLIED soldiers. Fox (Ministry of Propaganda) puts total at 4000 and as high as 9000. Killed by the "Christian" cultures of Italy and Germany. That doesnt count the French Civilians killed by actions of both sides, nor the Christian Italians and Germans killed by the Christian British, French, Canadian, U.S., Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, just to name the major players. None of the 9/11 hijackers were either Iraqi or Afghan. Saying that a coalition of Saudis attacking the U.S. justifies attacking two countries that Are Not Saudi Arabia would be like saying D-Day justifies an attack on Mexico. Or England. Yet the Right Wing BabyKillers still play the 9/11 card and expect us to eat it up and ask for seconds. Save room for dessert, because it's really sweet. The vast majority of wars in which Christianity as a State Religion was a factor, were wars against Other Christian Nations or Christian subjects of the Same Nation. That includes the infamous Crusades. Our Favorite Mercenaries, admired by Blackwater/Xe as being the epitome of Christian Warriors, Les Chevaliers Templars, Indicted by their Fellow Christians from the Catholic Church for murdering and kidnapping Other Crusaders and that notation was only made because they ran afoul of the French king and his Pet Pope. Richard Couer d'Leon, the "Black Knight" from Ivanhoe and Robin Hood legend, King by right of conquest of England (though he spoke no English) kidnapped twice and killed once by his Fellow Crusaders. And that's just the high-profile case. Seems the Christian Nobility were neither. Christian.. Noble... not a chance. After LOSING their very fat collective Arse to the Turks and Arabs they turned their focus more inward, and just started slaughtering (mostly) Christian subjects in their own kingdoms and those of the neighboring kings. By the logic implied by the 9/11 chanting Murderers, or at least inferred by me, the Christian Blood shed by Christian Warriors over the past 20 centuries means only one thing... That Christianity should enter into a Jihad to wipe ourselves out as an embarrassment to the name of God. Actually, we already do.

Checkup- get one now, or get one later

The theme of a commercial sponsored by Aventis Pharmaceuticals and played today on Fox between football games. Big Pharma and Fox, the ones who are trying To Make It God-Damned Impossible for uninsured people to be able to Get A Checkup Or Any Other Form Of Health Care. A Scene: Lady in doctors' office being questioned about a heart issue.. B Scene: Coroner examining body and saying "Cause of death Myocardial Infarction" (A type of heart attack) into his recording device. Next... Scene A: Doctor asking same woman about symptoms of Diabetes... Back to the coroner adding diabetes into the diagnosis. back to the doctors office, lady being asked about diet and exercise Blurb about "You can get a Check-up now, or get one later". Back to Coroner pulling a sheet over the face of the patient. Oh, yeah, Fox News, Aventis, GREAT ADVICE... considering how much you bastards are trying to keep Health Care as a privilege of the Wealthy. Even if the poor could get an appointment for a checkup under your Wealthy Elite Regime, they wouldn't be able to afford the Aventis Patented (and obscenely overpriced) medications. So what's the deal, Lucille? What's the plan, Stan? You rubbing our noses in the fact that you're Rich and we aren't? "Nanny-nanny boo boo, stick your head in doodoo, there's medicine that could save your life but you can't have any because we're Better Than You because we have money and You Don't Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha and we've got a small (extremely small) Army of Redneck Tea Party Idiots conned into pressuring Congress to keep it that way forever. All we have to do is tell the Stupid Goobers that they're going to lose their Freedom if people get adequate health care, and they're too freakishly STUPID to realize that they'll be left out too, we'll kick their collective STUPID arse back into their Slave Quarters". Some people are born out of wedlock. Some others are Self-Made Bastards. They didn't get the name at birth so they spend their lifetimes earning it.

Defying the equal and opposite reaction

Why can't Americans take their lumps for their --up until now-- uncontested rape and pillage of the world?   Do we have to turn the lives of millions of innocent Afghans and Iraqis upside down with tragedy while we avenge the deaths of our 2,819?   Doesn't our belligerent cowboy schtick just say Bring it On?

Prosecute the Department of Homeland Security for its Boston buffoonery

When a federal agency engages in a blatantly stupid abuse of its power and interrupts an entire city like the Department of Homeland Security just did in Boston, then they should be prosecuted, not the 2 artists who set up the advertisements nor Turner Broadcasting who sponsored this innocent enough advertising campaign. At the very least, Michael Chertoff, the acting head of that agency, should be promptly removed from his position. His stupid group of buffoons interrupted an entire city to the cost of untold millions of dollars, not just the 1/2 million plus in salaries of cops and feds that has been officially calculated. Michael Chertoff and the Boston charade remind us of Michael Brown, another totally incompetent Bush crony who was forced out of his position at FEMA, during the Katrina Hurricane hit on New Orleans. FEMA bungled the whole hurricane victim relief operation just like Michael Chertoff's Homeland Insecurity offices bungled security in Boston. Why ius this country tolerating without much comment these charades by Bush's 'security' Klan? It's like having the Three Stooges in charge of our country. Except Bush has put together many more more than just 3 stooges in charge of our country's affairs. If the Boston fiasco is what the Bush and cheney call guarding national security post 9/11, then we are all in big, big trouble. Shouldn't we all rather be out on a bird hunting trip with the Big Dick himself than entrust further this crowd with any of our security at all.

Dept. of Homeland Stupidity to play again in Super Bowl this weekend

How many American clowns does it take to screw on a light bulb? Heck, I don't know, but I do know part of the answer to how many police/military agencies it takes to play Homeland Stupidity at the Super Bowl this weekend! I've been making up some stuff recently but this one is for real. According to the US Customs and Border Protection, they will be one of 30 federal agencies there, but they did not state the number of state and local uniformed clowns that will show up. We can only guess? No naked breasts this year though, so you might want to rent a tape in that Department, or you women/ your women will just be watching the tight ends.

Boston goes bananas!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, the stooges from Homeland Security blew off a cool half million plus dollars attacking other cartoon creatures who were apparently discovered by a subway worker. Terrified, she called 'the authorities' who immediately mobilized a bomb squad and apparently ground Boston to a complete and total stop. Details are so embarrassing that they have been declared top secret by our whorish corporate press, and are being withheld from public scrutiny. Ted Turner has fled the country and is now being sought in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In other news, Russian babies found gagged in hospital and Al Franken declares his candidacy for Senator from the state of Louisiana. And another country, Andorra, has now indicted CIA agents to stand trial for kidnapping one of its citizens that was rendered to an American military base in Kosovo where he was then sent to Afghanistan to later be tortured. Along with Italy and Germany, this is now the third European country to be trying to locate American CIA agents for acts of common criminality on that continent. Liechtenstein may soon follow.

US National Surveillance State issues out the national ID cards to us

There used to be a lot of worry about the government issuing a national identification card to all of us and then requiring us to carry it all the time so that they could monitor us, The People, all the time. Well now that they are actually slipping that noose half around our neck, the population of the US is without a bleep of protest against it. Maybe it is because the name of the national ID card sounds so familiar and appears as nothing much new? The national ID card is called a passport, and it will soon be required for all travel outside the US, even to Mexico and Canada. What? Don't think of the passport as a national ID card? Well that's what it is becoming in graduated steps. When you apply for one, you are registering with the federal government. They already have a list of grading people on supposed 'flight risk', and it will be an easy task to meld this to the passport. And what's to stop an 'overland travel risk' list from being added on now? After all, one can hijack a bus and do some major damage with it if one wants. All America must be protected from that, they will say. These new passport requirements were slipped in by the Bush Administration without even the most minimal discussion and with zero protest within the House and Senate. Millions of people (Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans) who never had passports are now being herded into having to obtain one. Our whole county is being turned into a gated community, all under the excuse of bettering our own security. In fact, much of the North American continent is being turned into a high security zone, where people will travel between countries while under a secret surveillance pegged to their passports. This secret surveillance does not now, and certainly will not in the future, have any due process as to who gets to go, and who is made to stop at the series of gates that will be put into effect. That will be a military decision, since the Department of Homeland Security and MIGRA really are part of the military model, not civilian one. If this reminds you of Palestinians within the areas controlled by Israel, then you get the picture of the model being used by this passport system of surveillance. It is all quite arbitrary and beyond the reach of legal rules and observations. We are only now in the first steps of this new, comprehensive surveillance system being put into place. but the fact that we don't even recognize much what is really being done is not promising for stopping and reversing course. All the blame for 'inconveniences' will be placed on Osama bin Laden, and not our own misleaders.

What Bush and Osama together have taught the world

September 11 was important in world history, because Osama bin Laden taught the world that resistance to US domination was most effectively fought on US soil, and not the soil of the world's oppressed nations. Seems simple enough, but most victims of US foreign policy up to then had fought back directly against their own US propped-up puppet governments. Osama bin Laden globalized the resistance to US imperial policies by taking the fight to US soil. His message? Not to let D.C. fight the war solely on your home territories. The 9/11 attacks might have not alone taught the world much of anything, if there had not been the Bush Adminstration team in office. That was the genius of Osama. He knew how elite American arrogance would most likely respond, being of elite lineage himself. He knew that the US ruling class would tend to try to destroy this new resistance against their world domination by using pure and total violence, much as the ruling class in Osama's native Saudi Arabia does when threatened. But pure violence is dangerous since it tends to overheat like a nuclear meltdown occurring within the core of a reactor. At present glance, it appears that nothing much has changed. The response of the Bush Administration to 9/11 was to up the level of violence against the peoples of the Third World states of Afghanistan, then Iraq, and next Lebanon No new attacks have occurred on American soil meanwhile. And as usual, there have been yet new hundreds of thousands of victims of the US military and its ME Frankenstein, the state of Israel's IDF. The European governments have done their part, as junior cheerleaders of the US mandated blood bath outside their own continent. But what will be the ultimate cost that the American people will eventually pay for sitting by and silently allowing its corporate-run government to go bezerk after 9/11? I talk not of the trillions of dollars in national debt that is being run off, but rather of the fact that the Bush Adminstration has practically guaranteed that Osama's message did take root in the populations of the world. Osama said let's start a dirty war of attrition against the US rulers on their home soil. Osama had the ability to give the lesson that this was the Achille's heel of US imperialism, but he didn't have the organization to do much more than just explode one big bonfire or two for the passive and impoverished crowd he was trying to wake up to see. Bush has now given this previously dormant crowd the knowledge of the technique to create one, two, a thousand mini or maximum 9/11s in the years ahead. It does not involve airports nor planes, And the world is more awake now. It is probably only

War on Treadmill

The War on Terror, so called. Five years after 9/11, experts ponder, have we made ourselves any safer?   Experts?   Any child learns that waging a war against somebody who is mad at you only makes them madder, you madder, and matters worse. The fabled Hatfields and McCoys never learned, their families fought each other until long after we could remember why. But they were hillbillies.

Zacarias Moussaoui and US blood thirst

Are we really contemplating hanging Zacarias Moussaoui for plotting to participate in 9/11? Even though he didn't do it, nor was he even thwarted for trying, but simply for talking about it and expressing his enthusiasm? He's not even guilty of conspiracy because he didn't even contribute to the 9/11 effort.   Usually the small time hood who decides not to get up in the morning and go rob a bank, is not regarded as a bank robber. You can't plead guilty to wanting to commit a crime because that is not a crime. Moussaoui's behavior should land him into the care of psychiatrists certainly, but no more.   But such is the blood lust of the U.S. government that even though Moussaoui already faces life in prison, lawyers are making every effort, including tampering with the witnesses, to see Moussaoui hanged. Let me tell you that such blood lust is very unbecoming, but it invites a heart-warming hope. If Moussaoui can be prosecuted for racketeering, for doing nothing, then the racketeering laws will be plenty broad enough to prosecute every last participant in the Bush kleptocracy. Easily. When this cabal falls, its every last minion can be prosecuted for its crimes. And it looks like this can include everyone who even just crows about their enthusiasm for the new world order fascism. This includes the media pundits, every backwater yahoo, and the cretins behind the Progess for America ads. Most heart-warming of all to this very reluctant pacifist, is this administration's lust for capital punishment. That blood lust is going to make it all the easier -once the trials begin for war crimes, sedition and treason- to justify seeking the death penalty for every last republican criminal. Après nous le déluge. 2. Take away the big picture, and there's still the matter of 9/11 justice to salivate over. Imagine if Moussaoui can be prosecuted for conspiracy for playing no part in 9/11, for not even knowing about it. Imagine how many truly culpable parties we could hold accountable for conspiring to let 9/11 happen!

Hire that architect!

American viewers who watched the collapse of the World Trade Center may be surprised to see that this relatively negligible apartment building still stands after being hit by an airplane twice the size of the 9-11 jets. An Irianian Hercules 130 military cargo plane collided with a ten story apartment building on the outskirts of the airport in Tehran. The building still stands, despite all our own first hand experience about what is supposed to happen to buildings struck by airliners considerably smaller than cargo planes. As well, the pictures depict a wreckage-strewn scene at the site of the crash. It appears at least our Pentagon grounds keepers have something up on the Iranians when it comes to tidy crash sites. There was quite a bit of wreckage, strewn across the site of the crash, including of course the black boxes, leading no one to suspect that the building had been struck by anything other than an airplane.