What did you do against the war Daddy?

Victims of Marine post-IED massacrePeople on all sides of the anti-war issue ask me what we’re doing with the peace camp. What are you thinking you can accomplish with it anymore?

I have to tell them it’s for conscience. For my part, I can’t let each further day of this country’s immoral actions go by without expressing my explicit repudiation. I’m struggling to know what more I could do, and I’ll participate in this meager gesture of objection until I do.

Will there be any changing of minds among the indifferent masses? I don’t know. Their passivity and pig-headedness has brought on this authoritarian dictatorship, and soon enough with the tightening of economic screws the people will feel the oppression they perhaps have coming.

And those complicit in these schemes today may prosper for a while, until they themselves are sheparded into the have-not classes.

Or, if you believe that truth and justice will ultimately prevail, then those complicit parties will meet their fate. Maybe it will be karma, maybe it will be a citizens tribunal. I’d certainly like to be there with the noose. A blacklist will suffice.

We had scheduled a sidewalk intervention today at a local public radio station. They’re kicking off their fund drive this weekend and we were hoping to lobby potential supporters to put in a word for adding DEMOCRACY NOW to the station’s lineup.

Well, a confrontation with the station manager this morning left us prematurely fatigued. He doesn’t want Democracy Now. Our hurdle is that not enough members know about the show to want it, and the manager won’t let Democracy Now be mentioned on the air lest more listeners hear about the grassroots effort to add the program.

It’s an uphill battle with little reward. There are too many ill-informed listeners who will think we are trying to harm their favorite station, and there are just enough misled radio station workers to stand in the way. In the end we are simply doing the station manager’s job by lobbying for better programming. He’s paid to do that. He’s entrusted to that.

Today is Earth Day and we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

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2 Responses to What did you do against the war Daddy?

  1. Avatar Ann says:

    How about you be intellectually honest for a change, and report on the insurgent inflicted wounds and murder that occur? Nobody else has a intentionally planting IEDs where children play so they can get more deaths for their propaganda.

    The most dangerous thing an Iraqi and Afghan could encounter are, hands down, other Iraqis and Afghans. Try actually researching the issue, and you’ll quickly learn that for every death caused by NATO/ISAF you will get a minimum of twenty caused by these fundamentalist. We are the ones who treat these victims (and o

    The insurgency doesn’t care, and would just as happily stone or behead you, me, those who wok for this site, and of 3/4 of the human race.. NATO/ISAF is far from perfect. The Afghans are by and large like most people in terms of honor and work ethic. The insurgents are most definitely not.

    You mention these supposed immorality of how the war is thought, but you’re looking in the wrong places. Unless you think shooting from mosques/schools/hospitals/crowds of civilians is justified? What about hiding IEDs in corpses to trick some very unfortunate relatives? Throwing acid on the fast of girls walking to school? Cutting the ears, nose, and fingers of a man who had the temerity to vote in that farce of an election? Sharpening a knife in front of a captive, holding him down, and sawing his head off because the blades are of poor quality, and posting a video of it for the family to run across.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It’s obvious that you Right Winger pro- US military people are trawling through Not My Tribe years back trying to find areas to post your hateful ideology on this site. Why? Precisely because you are too stupid and too ignorant to express any real opinions regarding CURRENT articles about current events. So you go looking for spots to post your ad hominem hates against others on NMT. All you think you know has to do with being pro US- military operations. Sad. Talk about being brainwashed now!

    Ann, you would have us all believe that NATO and US occupation in Afghanistan is for humanitarian reasons, though nobody other than you Right Wingers buy this propaganda any more. By your illogical way of looking at things, the US is also in Mexico running a supposed ‘war against drugs’ there because the Pentagon wants to stop the beheadings being done by drug trafficking cartels. That’s the exact same type of idiocy you are posting here in regards to Afghanistan, is it not? The US military, in your opinion, is a giant humanitarian operation helping others. BULLSHIT Babe, it is not.

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