Defend Palestinians from Israeli terror

Why cant one israeli equal 350 Palestinians?A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is calling for a national day of action, TUESDAY December 30, to protest Israel’s sudden open-ended aggression against the non-Jews of Occupied Palestine. Israeli soldiers are being mobilized for an invasion of the Gaza Strip, the inhabitants of which have already been softened under a brutal extended embargo. Sound familiar?

COLORADO SPRINGS: meet in Acacia Park downtown, corner of Nevada Ave and Bijou St, TUESDAY 4:30PM-5:30PM. Sunset is 4:46pm. Bring posters, candles, flashlights, and your voice. Contact us with banner slogan ideas.

Gaza bombing

Did the aerial assault on Gaza remind you of Shock and Awe? Now Israeli spokesmen are stating that this engagement will extend “to the bitter end,” and that Palestinians and onlookers can expect the violence to get worse before it can get better.

From CSAction Lewis Links:

Dem Now interviews doctors, activists, reporters, and MPs on Gaza massacre

Raw video of school children after missile attack
(warning: dead children)

Thousands march around the world against Zionist assault on Gaza

Zionists detained and expelled UN human rights observer Richard Falk, last week to hide massacre

UN Human Rights monitor accuses Israel of massive violations of international humanitarian law

Photo of entire family of little girls murdered by Zionists

3 of main hospitals bombed by Zionists as Gaza runs out of medicine

Israel bombed several buildings of Islamic University in Gaza Sunday

Photo of injured girl being evacuated

Photo of dead boy being carried to morgue

18 photos of Gaza attack

35 photos and 2 videos of massacre

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3 Responses to Defend Palestinians from Israeli terror

  1. jonah jonah says:

    First emphasize that Judaism “Israel” isn’t nearly the same thing as the State of Israel.

    I was thinking in terms of a printed out banner representing the Gaza wall/fence, and some references to the Warsaw Ghetto.

    Any Jew from that generation or mine for that matter would recognize the similarities immediately, and if somebody wants to object to the comparison, make him prove it wrong.

    Also there’s Christians like Dobson and Jews like Podheritz who are spoiling for Israel to get nuked to bring in the Apocalypse.

    I’d say that’s pretty damned Anti-Semitic myself.

    Also the Project for the New American Century, which has a lot of Jewish co-signers said at least once that “genetically tailored biological Weapons exist, that are matched to ‘a certain genotype’, and that we should consider their use”

    Except that “Certain Genotype” includes Jews as well.

    So the same people who are pushing for the Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem are willing to subject their own families to Bio-Terror just to get their Evil Way.

    That, too, is Anti-Semitism promoted by of all people, Jews.

  2. Susan Susan says:

    Just an FYI that JIDF is mobilizing for counter demonstrations. Am sure everyone is prepared anyway, but it’s probably good to have a heads up in case….

  3. See the historic situation which exists now
    with the arrival of The 666

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