Can Biden Get America’s War Machine Back On Track?

I'm Joe Biden and I Approve This Message.

The US media is sparing no effort to unseat President Trump by projecting landslide support for a return to a normal state of affairs, you know: wars, covert wars, and financial supremacy. Admitedly Trump is a constant and tiresome embarassment, but alas the Tump circus has also sidelined war and brought world peace. Try as the media might to restart the Cold War, our Clown-in-Chief befriends our supposed-to-be enemies and de-escalates the jingoist propaganda. And his baffoon act makes it impossible for career diplomats to pretend Capitalist America hasn’t always been a bullying asshole. Trump was the indictment which Ugly America deserved, yet deniers still RESIST, claiming he doesn’t represent them. Look in the mirror you mal-educated narcissists. Do you owe your vitality to infusions of Third World blood? Karma created Trump in your goddamn image. Now you’re hoping to enlist the Clinton-Bush-Obama good-times political machine to restore domestic calm so that warmongers, exploiters and profiteers can get the imperialist juggernaut back to cruising speed. Selfish Americans, you can’t even figure out that Team Biden is the uglier American by far.

Another criminal sociopath evades the hangman. Maggie Thatcher goes to hell

Was Margaret Thatcher religious? We might take solace that her final breaths were complicated by abject horror of the fate she knew awaited her. She might have been iron willed and resolute, are we going to pretend she was clueless? But justice delayed is justice denied. Thatcher’s karma is pie in the sky, while her destructive legacy was concrete as the sarcophagus that will protect her.

Ordinary Britons are jubilant and now officials and talking heads are admonishing celebrants to respect her deadness. — Did we learn nothing from Reagan’s funeral? We eulogized the senile man, and the unintelligencia used our lapse to lionize the cretin! Are we now going show the same clueless deference to Margaret Thatcher and add to the false history supporting her enduring world dynasty of greedy-bastards?! Thatcher was a wicked sociopath and those who praise her expose their ignorance or lack of conscience.

My takeaway from the spontaneous celebrations of Margaret Thatcher’s death is that we’ve got to hold good-riddance parties BEFORE these mofos pass on! On a related note, what pretext does President Obama have for attending the inauguration of George Dubya’s presidential library if he isn’t bringing handcuffs? The World Court should arrest the lot at Thatcher’s funeral.

PICS: Occupy Walmart 12/12 First of our Twelve Walmart Days of Christmas

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- Occupy CSprings occupied the Walmart on 8TH STREET for our first of 12 Walmart Days of Christmas. Slogans you can use for your own superstore boycott: WALMART: ROLLING BACK UNION GAINS, ALWAYSWALMART KILLS MOM & POPSSHOP LOCAL, NOT WALMART and HEALTHCARE FOR CHRISTMAS. Up next: POWERS BLVD!


Photos by Roger, Robin, Loring and OCS.

Check out latest Popular Science, dude…

About right in the middle, a technique for refining Titanium at home… involving titanium dioxide powder, rust, in a flowerpot.

Although, really this should NOT be tried at home, kids. At least not without your Parental Units giving permission.

Unless they’re dumbasses who would get off to burning down the neighborhood. Then, it’s still NO.

Check out the “warnings” about it, and the pictures associated…

This is for informational purposes, mainly because it puts the lie to the Pentagon assertion that certain insurgency weapons were “too sophisticated” to be made by the same Iraqi army they had accused earlier of developing things that are a bit more complex, like atom bombs, and Designer Germs.

They were pushing for an invasion of Iran and using the same stale bullshit they had used to “justify” going in to Iraq. And said that some of the best insurgency weapons were being made in Iran because the Ay-rabs in Iraq wuz jes’ too damn dumb to figger out complex stuff”

Of course that’s a Racist attitude. And the Pentagoons know it too.

It’s just more fun and suits their underlying purpose better to simply LIE about it.

My thought was “Damn, If we put that on this site we’d be skeletal remains discovered on the site of Guantanamo a couple hundred years from now.” leaps to mind.

And it’s published in a National Magazine.

I can think of a certain statue of a certain “city founder’ which is sitting in the middle of a certain intersection of Platte and Nevada which truly might possibly deserve to be “recycled”….

The dude killed more people with his statue over the years than he did with his gun.

Or (much better idea, nobody gets any kind of danger) get 50 volunteers, some long poles, we can pick it up and put it in the middle of the nearby park where statues USUALLY go, in a civilized society of course.

I saw it in the Popular Science magazine itself while waiting for a prescription last night.

It’s awesome to behold, they had a still photograph of it in action.

Seems structural titanium, like you make the thousand dollar wrench sets from, is hard to make. Because it burns about the same temperature it melts.

Like aluminum does.

Powdered titanium is cheap to make, cheaper than copper. it’s the raw ore for it, titanium dioxide.

if you put it with iron, all of which has a patina of rust on it even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it transfers the extra oxygen from the rust to the titanium, as soon as you light it.

The still photograph showed the shit burning through the clay flowerpot and tossing chunks of melt-through-concrete burning titanium and molten steel everywhere.

The Anarchists Cookbook had a lot of “recipes” for these things. and for similar reasons to mine.

To show just how easy it is to mess things up, AND, kids, doing darkside shit like that can get you yourself seriously not only dead but there wouldn’t be any burial of the cremains.

Just like when they teach you about explosive reactions in High School chemistry lab… it’s done so you know better than to mix certain chemicals accidentally.

Sliding in to the motivations of destroying people for either fun, profit or ideology, is a fast way to find Karma.

The Little President Who Cried WOLF!

Let’s be honest: we all knew when Bush stole the election in 2000 that he would bankrupt America, and stick the taxpayers with the bill on his way out. This is about as unsurprising as discovering that the sun has set in the evening.

Will Wall Street’s meltdown turn America into a police state?

Who knew the GOP was gay? ChristoFascists blaming gays for financial meltdown. Myself, I’m more likely to believe it’s God’s judgement on all the phonies pretending to be Christians. Or karma. The filthy rich have been screwing us for generations, now it’s our turn. Pitchforks and torches are about the best investment you can find these days.

The Shadow of the Pitchfork

Elite Panic Attack as Bailout Goes Bust by Chris Floyd

The vote by the House of Representatives to defeat the Wall Street bailout plan is the first act of political courage that the Congress of the United States has mounted in the last seven years. The fact that it was due largely to right-wing Republicans afraid of going down with the sinking ship of the witless leader they have followed blindly throughout his reign is a delicious irony — but the whys and wherefores of the vote are not important. What matters is that one of America’s moribund institutions has flickered to life long enough to derail a disastrous action that would have shoved the nation even deeper into the pit of corruption and ruin where it has been mired for so long.

Nothing — absolutely nothing — could be politically safer than opposing George W. Bush. And yet the entire Democratic leadership, Barack Obama included, lined up to support a cockamamie plan proposed by this scorned and shriveled figure, a plan that was transparently nothing more than an audacious raid on the Treasury by Big Money hoods and yet another authoritarian power grab by a gang of murderous, torturing, warmongering toadies. This was the plan and these were the people that the Democrats decided to fight for.

What’s more, the Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with the president on what is apparently the only issue that can now stir Americans to genuine anger and widespread protest: a direct threat to their bank accounts. Wars of aggression like the Nazis used to wage; elaborate tortures like the KGB used to practice; concentration camps, lawbreaking leaders, diminishment of liberty, the slaughter of a million innocent people in a land destroyed by an illegal and pointless invasion — all of that stuff is pretty much OK, easily swallowable, worth no more than a shrug or perhaps a frowny “tsk tsk” before going on to the sports pages or flipping over to another channel. But put out an open ploy to steal their money and give it to the filthy rich — and baby, it’s pitchfork time! Yet here, as the public face of just such a ploy, is where the Democrats chose to make their stand.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Sept 30 notes,

Welcome to the Democratic Party Police State! Now, surrender your rights.

Welcome to the Democratic Party Police State, where freedom of the press a thing of the past. ABC News reporter arrested at Denver convention, for the crime of filming Democratic big wigs talking to big money donors on public property. They have it all on tape, and broadcasted it on the national evening news.

It’s about ‘effin time!

Karma’s a bitch, and she is pissed! Hurricane Gustav in line to hit New Orleans on Monday, just as the GOP convention starts. LA governor has already declared a state of emergency, and NOLO mayor warns that there are still thousands of FEMA trailers that will become little more than missiles if it hits. I don’t want to wish anything bad, but this could put an end to the GOP, once and for all.

On Sept. 15, 2003, one of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge’s deputies lobbed a bureaucratic hand grenade across his desk. In a seven-page memo, the new department’s undersecretary for emergency preparedness and response told Ridge that his organizational plan would cripple America’s ability to respond to disasters. The memo, like so many that flew around Washington during the largest government reshuffling in decades, involved turf: Ridge had decided to move some of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s preparedness functions to an office less than one-fifteenth its size.

This is the guy John McCain is considering for VP, as another category 3 hurricane is predicted to hit New Orleans, on the opening day of the GOP convention! [video]

Freedom is slavery. Halliburton charged with human trafficing.

Sickeness is health. McCain advisor says the answer to the problem of millions of uninsured Americans, is to just quit calling them that. “It won’t cost a penny.”

Oceania has always been at war with EastAsia. (Brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.)

Cops tricked protesters into pleading guilty to charges before being allowed to make phone calls, denied Constitutional rights. You have no rights under our “two party” system.

Freedom means drinking what the Party tells you to drink! Will CocaCola be
banned in an Obama administration

This is beginning to make Nazi Germany look like Freedom Paradise.

Will Cheney have a 747 crash into Invesco Field during Obama’s acceptance speech? I’m just asking.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 28,

R68 announces speakers to counter DNC

DENVER- The Recreate 68 Alliance has announced its lineup of speakers for the DNC rallies. Among them: Pamela Africa (MOVE), Kathleen Cleaver, Rosa Clemente, Ward Churchill, Jenny Esquiveo (spokesperson for Eric McDavid), Fred Hampton Jr., a recording from Mumia Abu Jamal, Cha Cha Jimenez, Ron Kovic, Cynthia McKinney, Ricardo Romero, Natsu Saito, and a spokesperson for the Cuban Five.

Sunday, August 24:
End the Occupations/End the War March & Rally 9am – 2pm
West Steps of the State Capitol Building to the Pepsi Center
This will be Denver’s largest anti-war, anti-illegal occupations march and rally.

Speakers (Alphabetical):
Ida Audeh – Palestinian Refugee
Kathleen Cleaver – Black Panthers
Ward Churchill – Long-time Author, Activist, and Scholar
Mark Cohen – Re-create 68 Alliance
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. – Prisoners of Conscience Committee
Larry Hales – World Worker’s Party and Re-create 68 Alliance
Larry Holmes – Troops Out Now Coalition
Ron Kovic – anti-war activist, veteran and author of Born On The Fourth of July
Cynthia Mckinney – Green Party United States Presidential Candidate
Glenn Spagnuolo – Re-create 68 Alliance

David Rovic – State Capitol Steps, kicking of the rally
M1 and Stic Man from Dead Prez – State Capitol Steps, prior to the march
Blue Scholars – Concert at State Capitol, after the march
Jim Page – State Capitol Steps, during the rally

Monday, August 25:
Freedom March and Rally for Human Rights and Political Prisoners,
10am – 2pm Civic Center Park to the Federal Court House

Speakers (Alphabetical):
Pamela Africa – MOVE Organization
American Indian Movement Spokes Person- Leonard Peltier Defense
Rosa Clemente – United States Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party
Kathleen Cleaver – The Panther Nine from San Francisco
King Downing – National Coordinator of the ACLU’s Campaign Against Racial Profiling
Jenny Esquiveo- Spokesperson for Eric McDavid (Political Prisoner)
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. – Prisoners of Conscience Committee
Mumia Abu Jamal – Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row)
Cha Cha Jimenez- Founder of the Young Lords (Puerto Rican Resistance Prisoners)
Ricardo Romero – National Coordinator for the Mexican Liberation Organization
Natsu Saito – Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar (Guantanamo Inmates)
Spokesperson for the Cuban Five

** Special Guest Band To Be Announced **

Monday, August 25:
Festival of Democracy, entertainment start time – 3pm
Civic Center Park (free concerts)

Savage Family – From Illegally Occupied U.S.
Dinigunim – San Diego
DJ Cavem – Five Points, CO
Moetavation – Five Points, CO
DJ Asar Heru – Brooklyn
Karma – Barbados
Whiskey Blanket – Boulder
Midstate Music – Chicago
Dario Rosa – Boulder

Special Guest Speakers and Poets Between Acts

Tuesday, August 26:
Festival of Democracy, entertainment start time – 3pm
Civic Center Park (free concerts)

Debajo Del Agua – Denver
DKO-Electric Horns – Denver
Melanie Susuras Band – Denver
Rebel Diaz – Bronx
The Night Kitchen – Boulder
From The Depths – North Carolina
Black Sheep Brigade – Boulder

Special Guest Speakers and Poets Between Acts

Poets for Monday and Tuesday:
Isis, Ladyspeech, Bianca, Lucifury, Allende, Bobby LeFebre (members from Nationally Ranked Slam Nuba Team 2008)

Additional Speakers Throughout the Week:
Deb Sweet – World Can’t Wait
Mason Tyert – SAFER
Timothy Tipton – Rocky Mountain Caregiver’s Cooperative
Ben Manski – Bring the Guard Home
CHOIR – ‘Acapella Choir with a conscience’ from Oakland/San Francisco
Ramona Africa – MOVE Organization

Tuesday, August 26:
Liberation Soirée at Dazzle, 930 Lincoln St. – 8pm Start Time
A benefit concert and party for the Festival of Democracy. A “No More Politics as Usual” Party.

Rhythm Vision – Denver
Rebel Diaz – Bronx
DeeJay SD & K DJ Above

Tuesday, August 26:
Phoenician Kabob Restaurant on Colfax and Ivy, 7pm:

Larry Everest – Author of “Oil, Power and Empire”, speaking on “What’s Behind the US Threats on Iran, and How Can We Stop Them”

This is a list of bands and speakers. Protest activities will be going on every day, all week. For more information and scheduled activities go to

R68 Festival of Democracy band line-up

The R68 Festival of Democracy Music Schowcase fliers have hit the street. The 2-evening lineups includes Boulder bands BLACK SHEEP BRIGADE, DARIO ROSA, NIGHT KITCHEN and WHISKEY BLANKET.

Festival of Democracy MUSIC SHOWCASE
August 25
3pm SAVAGE FAMILY Illegally Occupied US
4pm DINIGUNIM San Diego
      DJ ASAR HERU Brooklyn
      KARMA Barbados
9pm DARIO ROSA Boulder

August 26
6pm REBEL DIAZ Bronx
8pm FROM THE DEPTHS North Carolina

With speakers and poets between acts.

Broadway/Bannock & Colfax/14th FREE!

Fox Terrorist Network Exposed!

Fox Terrorist Adkisson, who shot up a liberal church, was a fan of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Michael Savage. Like anyone with an triple digit IQ didn’t see that one coming.

Bad karma. Bob Novak — who joked about Ted Kennedy getting brain cancer — has brain cancer.

There must be an election coming up, Dept. of Der Fatherland Security is ratcheting up the scare level again. Boo!

Another right wing lie is exposed.

Study proves media has been harder on Obama than McCain.

Remember when McCain said he would run a “clean” campaign? What a steaming pile of shit!

Bush to completely bankrupt the country on his way out.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 29,

The NeoChristian Agenda: hurt everyone else, and feel superior for it

Republican campaign strategy condensed into a single word: deception.

Fox News Sunday: McCain will have to pander to the bigots to win in November. [video]

Remember how, just a few years ago, all the Repblicans you knew were simultaneously chanting: “Bush is the greatest president in American history”? Now you’d be hard pressed to find any that will even admit they voted for him.

John McCain is no leader, he can’t even lead his own party!

Karma’s a bitch. It looks like the Christians are learning what it’s like when they force other people to pray “in Jesus name.”

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s July 7 notes,

A plague on both your houses!

Capulets versus MontaguesJoseph Kennedy, patriarch of what is often described as America’s royal family, built his fortune by bootlegging whiskey during the Prohibition and rose to power by mob control of the unions.
Ill-gotten gains are credited by some for the fate of Joseph’s offspring: the “Kennedy Curse.” Son JFK, elected president, shot; son Bobbie, declaring candidacy, shot; son Ted suffers a car-crash which derails his political aspirations; son of eldest son dies in a 1999 plane crash.

While Christian America ponders whether curse or karma, another constituency retains a dogged skepticism about the official account of both assassinations. That the details are still shrouded in secrecy suggests that whoever gained by killing the Kennedys is still around, and is still powerful enough to intimidate accomplices.

A lesser celebrated 20th Century up and comer is la familia Bush. Prescott Bush made his money in oil and nefarious financial deals with Hitler, and with influential friends formulated the CIA in 1947. His son rose through the CIA to be president. His eldest grandson was appointed to the presidency and to infamy as well.

Deathbed confessions, among other evidence, have tied the CIA to the assassination of JFK. “Conspiracy Theories” link the grassy knoll to ex-Batistas to George H. W. Bush’s little Zapata offshore Anti-Castro operation. (Alex Jones recounts that in the CIA Bay of Pigs Operation, launched without Kennedy’s permission, one of the American ships had been renamed “Barbara II,” its namesake perhaps the Grumman Avenger “Barbara” which H. W. crash-landed in WWII.) In fact, FBI records place G. W. on the first plane to DC (from Dealey Plaza?)

Recent improved photo-analysis show several high-ranking CIA operatives present at the RFK assassination in 1968. I’ll leave Chappaquiddick and John John’s Martha’s Vineyard plane crash to future leaks and investigators.

In the meantime, John Hinckley Jr., attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan while Vice President Bush was next in line, was not just any mentally disturbed highly-suggestible boy, but the son of friend of Bush’s son Neil.

And how about those fixed elections of 2000 and 2004? Never mind whatever it was that happened on 9/11!

Is America more prepared to accept a Kennedy Curse, than the possibility that one family’s and a nation’s bad fortune might really have been blood spilled by Long Knives, one Fascist putsch after the next, until the burning of the Reichstag?

Vietnam vet selective memory

Laotian spear pierces American B-52 in this Cuban Poster about the US secret war in LaosAm I to deduce by your Vietnam Veteran cap that you served in the Vietnam War? May I say, of course, thank you for your service, and sorry for what you had to endure, and I would be interested to hear about it sometime, eagerly, but that’s it. Answering your country’s call to arms was honorable, but what your country did in Southeast Asia, by means of the guns it gave you, was not. Misguided would not even be the word, our leaders were warmongers led by munitions profiteers. Misguided was your role following criminal orders but you eventually figured that out.

Our profound national sense of shame for the Vietnam War was not even a question once the true nature of the conflict became revealed. As a result the war in Vietnam ended and our troops came home under a black cloud. Sorry, Mr. Veteran, about that cloud, nothing personal, but you could have considered the karma you brought unto yourself by participating over there. Anyway, you drew the short straw. Don’t now try to dress it up.

Don’t tell me now you could have won in Vietnam if it hadn’t been for the American people turning to peace. What? Left to do your job you could have killed millions more Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians enough to have subdued them? Is that what you’re saying? America’s decimation of those peoples wasn’t enough for you?

You [We] got your butt kicked by those determined Asians is what happened. Like every single anti-colonial movement in modern times, the occupied peoples prevailed. The American public pulled your asses out of that fire is what happened, lest you be killed but take 50 Vietnamese lives with you, many of them civilian. That was the ratio of our deaths to theirs. You apologized for that, and we’ll make you apologize again if you’re now going to change your tune.

Who would have guessed we’d have to give you nostalgic vets a kick in the pants again? What part of genocide, or atrocity, or travesty, or grand scale tragedy, don’t you understand? “Vietnam” as we call it, our war on the Vietnamese, was wrong, it was an incredible abuse of power, of our superior strength, of our incredible inhumanity. You were there.

What did you do against the war Daddy?

Victims of Marine post-IED massacrePeople on all sides of the anti-war issue ask me what we’re doing with the peace camp. What are you thinking you can accomplish with it anymore?

I have to tell them it’s for conscience. For my part, I can’t let each further day of this country’s immoral actions go by without expressing my explicit repudiation. I’m struggling to know what more I could do, and I’ll participate in this meager gesture of objection until I do.

Will there be any changing of minds among the indifferent masses? I don’t know. Their passivity and pig-headedness has brought on this authoritarian dictatorship, and soon enough with the tightening of economic screws the people will feel the oppression they perhaps have coming.

And those complicit in these schemes today may prosper for a while, until they themselves are sheparded into the have-not classes.

Or, if you believe that truth and justice will ultimately prevail, then those complicit parties will meet their fate. Maybe it will be karma, maybe it will be a citizens tribunal. I’d certainly like to be there with the noose. A blacklist will suffice.

We had scheduled a sidewalk intervention today at a local public radio station. They’re kicking off their fund drive this weekend and we were hoping to lobby potential supporters to put in a word for adding DEMOCRACY NOW to the station’s lineup.

Well, a confrontation with the station manager this morning left us prematurely fatigued. He doesn’t want Democracy Now. Our hurdle is that not enough members know about the show to want it, and the manager won’t let Democracy Now be mentioned on the air lest more listeners hear about the grassroots effort to add the program.

It’s an uphill battle with little reward. There are too many ill-informed listeners who will think we are trying to harm their favorite station, and there are just enough misled radio station workers to stand in the way. In the end we are simply doing the station manager’s job by lobbying for better programming. He’s paid to do that. He’s entrusted to that.

Today is Earth Day and we’ve got bigger fish to fry.