You have the right to travel anywhere, why don’t they?

If there is one position that American liberals and conservatives seem to have a common answer to, it must be that of supporting making America a gated community. Conservatives most often desire this with sadistic glee, while liberals tend to be quite apologetic about it.

But together they both desire retreat behind thick and reinforced walls. Why the reason for this unity on this one matter? Because America’s liberals and conservatives are quite nationalistic at heart, and scared of the world, too. They fear that the world is out to take their treasures away! America First!…then becomes their combined cheer.

But is it right for so many of us Americans, rich and poor alike, to desire to deny others a right that we cherish so much for ourselves? Which right is the fundamental one, to be essentially unchained by restraining laws and documents and to be able to travel anywhere around the globe with total freedom from police bullies and tyrants? What gives us this right, but makes us want to deny it to others so strongly?

I believe that it is simply because Americans no longer know the suffering that passports, visas, and bureaucratic paperwork causes so many other people around the globe. We as a nation are like the rich amongst us, who believe that they are due better than all those who surround them. That believe that they should live, while others are best left to die.

A`whole nation that shares amongst itself such a heartless, cruel attitude that there is a supposed necessity constantly to have a gated and walled community, is a rotten and corrupt one that will fail and fall. It is an arrogant nation that has allowed its heart to be turned into stone. It is a nation that goes rotting behind its moat. A nation that will try to turn corporate clowns into saints.

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