Setting an example of anti-Semitism

Adopt an Israeli orphan girl.I ran across this plea for Americans to support orphan girls in Israel. Not adopt, but sponsor. Not orphans, but orphaned GIRLS. I Googled in vain for an orphanage concerned about Israeli orphaned boys. What’s the story?

All societies have orphans, by accident, abuse or neglect. Israel of course will not just infer, but admonish us of their continuing plight, “despicable terrorism.” How many Israeli children are orphaned compared to children in Palestine, Lebanon or other countries with which Zionists are feuding?

I also searched for any orphanages focused solely on their religion’s children, seeking outside funding. How can Jews practice this racism while so quick to accuse others of anti-semitism? Plenty of religions have words to describe their non-believers, but who else insists that outsiders adopt laws which forbid criticism of Jews? What audacity, to expect less fortunate Goyim, the unchosen, to show deference.

The Jewish Religion being matrilineal, its adherents number according to the offspring of its mothers. A Jewish man cannot begat Jewish children. A Jewish wife on the other hand will always propagate the bloodline. Small wonder Israeli soldiers are cast to the wind after their compulsory military service. Like the Mormons, the Jewish religion is only concerned for their spiritual alpha leaders and their girls.

Would this explain this ad’s solitary focus on orphaned Israeli girls? The girl in the picture is blond and blue-eyed, you might think that LEVLALEV is concerned for the Palestinian or Christian orphans of Israel. Nonsense. Remember too, they don’t want you to adopt these girls, but leave the caretaking in Jewish hands. Here’s how their plea concludes:

Over the forty years of its existence, the Kiryat Sanz Children’s Home – now the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home – has married off many of its students, who have set up beautiful Jewish households.

5 thoughts on “Setting an example of anti-Semitism

  1. I fail to see any overt ‘antisemitism’ in the message of this Jewish orphanage. Further there are plenty of religions besides the Jewish religion that think of outsiders as being ‘Others’.

    What is the point of this post other than to slur Jewish people as a whole, Eric? It seems to me that you are doing what you accuse this Zionist ‘children’s home’ of doing, which is having a double standard in regards to themselves and others.

    In a region where people are all divided up by race and religion, it is understandable that one religious group or another will appeal primarily to members of their own religion and political point of view for charity funds. That’s what happens when there is no secular government, but just a racial and religious domination of society by one group, such as exists in The Jewish State of Israel.

    But that is not principally the fault of this one Zionist orphanage, though it certainly plays along happily with the established order as it currently is. Why highlight this orphanage for being racist? All Israeli institutions are built along Apartheid fault lines and not just these folk.

  2. Do you see the sexism? Or is that excused by religious prerogative?

    I’m bothered most that this plea serves the other purpose, to remind us that Israeli children are being orphaned by terrorist Arabs. If Israelis are loosing any parents its at the hands of Lebanese or Palestinians resisting invasion or occupation.

  3. Baloney. Israeli Jewish children lose parents for all sorts of reasons, including from diseases and auto accidents. You have changed your accusations about some ad from being offended by the ad’s ‘antisemitism’ to being now offended by its ‘sexism’, Eric? Get the story straight, please.

    Many religious groups look for funds for orphans that they administer. Of all things Zionist in nature to attack, for some reason you choose this silly thing to broadside? Good grief!

  4. Come on. It took me two seconds on Google to find an orphanage for Israeli boys (Boys Town of Jerusalem). Plenty of religions have orphanages and other charities for members of their own denominations. See this article in the Washington Post — — about the Virginia-based missionary group WorldHelp, which stopped raising funds to help Indonesian tsunami orphans when it learned that the Muslim orphans couldn’t be raised as Christians.

  5. I am sorry you feel this way. I am one of the sponsored parents of a 10 year old girl who lives in Israel. Please, these children have already suffered enough. Let them have some happiness in life and if you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you.

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