Boys with toys endanger us all

Cover-up , cover-up, cover-up. A military plane doing Pentagon public relations in South Carolina crashes in a residential neighborhood and houses are hit, people below injured, and debris scattered everywhere. So what does the press do? They talk only of how the pilot lost his life!

Yes, and what happened to the people below? Don’t you think that worthy of report? These ‘air shows’ go on around the nation in a constant propaganda campaign for further militarizing US society, but they endanger us in city after city. They need to be stopped. That is part of ‘gun control’ and this ‘accident’ is as related as can be to what happened earlier in the week at Virginia Tech.

What a sick nation we are!

2 thoughts on “Boys with toys endanger us all

  1. Good Lord Almighty, 13th! Your internet wanderings had you stumbling into Yahoo’s hip effort to counter with hip offalings of its own at You Witness News, a genetically modified clone with genes of plastic sold to Yahoo by Monsanto.

    When I headed into those poppyfields of video, Yahoo was highlighting (in a hip manner) Mia Farrow with a pickaninny on locale in Chad. It touched my heart shall I say. I almost threw up with concern with Oh the Humanity of it all. Certainly You Witness News will find its niche somewhere between National Enquirer, you, People Magazine, and Bizarro World with reportings from Mia and Warren being so well highlighted.

    ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’ has none of that stuffiness of Ayn Rand about it at all. We’re moving into the 21st century now with a blast as wacky Warrren Buffett and friends, Belinda and Bill, show the plebeians how hip money can be! These capitalists were dancing nude and smoking weed made of thousand dollar bills and having a good time. What’s not to like here?

    This is Woodstock made of Mahogany, and it is mind altering, Love Child! Do not cut out your tongue, but have some organic mountain brewed coffee instead. You were not fully awake when you were stunned by Buffett Thought. At least there was no ‘air show’ overhead at the time. That’s what makes America so great!

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