Media Hysteria pushes for US military attack on Iranian people

One of Iran’s government leaders visits New York City to attend a United Nations function and the US media uses this as an excuse to rabidly push for a US war against that country.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s right to free speech was so threatening to Bush and Cheney that they had to deny him a visit to the site of the ruins of 9/11 to place a wreath in remembrance of those that died there. Why?

The truth is, the US government feared what he had to say, so they censured him by denying him access to the World Trade Center site. It was a simple as that. He did speak at Columbia University though, and The New York Times printed some of that transcript

What is noticeable about the media reporting is how all the hysteria comes from the US Right Wing, the US government, and their corporate media lackeys. Ahmadinejad toned down and resisted from what would have been correct in labeling the US government as the main source of world terrorism. After all, this is the country that through the last decades has been responsible for killing millions of Iranians and Iraqis through its promotion of war in the Middle East.

That is not even to mention the deaths from US government terrorism that have wracked Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and the Occupied Territories controlled by US backed Israel. Instead, Ahmadinejad spoke out for Peace, something that the US corporate media has a real problem doing.

The US media in contrast, has tried to churn up a surge to more war. We, The American People, have to learn how to read between the lines of our corporate media sources and resist their propaganda and its call for yet more bloodshed.

Enough is enough. We should understand by now that demonization of the leader of another country is usually the prelude to attacking it.

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2 Responses to Media Hysteria pushes for US military attack on Iranian people

  1. Don’t Count on American people doing any hard thinking about any of this. They are unaffected by any of this. Check out what thoughtful iraqis think. THEY are affected. Wish I could post a few links. But check out my blog with the ‘iran/Iraq” filter.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I like that map of oil resources that you have published on your blog here at the end of this post…….. titled ‘Who has the Oil?’ That is very educational. Scroll down all the way to see map.

    And for yet more education about Iran, go to Patrick Buchanan’s commentary called ‘Infantile Nation’! Apparently Pat would not vote again for Dubya (as the lesser of 2 evils, of course) if he were running again in 2008? At least, I think not/??? lol…

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