Cindy Sheehan on Afghanistan

“Oh, honey. It must seem like the peace movement in the US has forgotten about our troops in Afghanistan and the Afghani people. I know that I don’t talk about that conflict enough, although I think that it is morally wrong, too. I know that our soldiers are dying and being harmed there, too. As much as the media doesn’t cover what’s happening in Iraq, it pays even less attention to Afghanistan. However, the peace movement is not united on Afghanistan, because many people think that it is a “good war.” I believe no such thing and I promise you that I will be more vigilant about exposing that war crime, too.”

Full article can be found at Znet

3 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan on Afghanistan

  1. I don’t know anyone who would disagree with Cindy’s assessment, but we have to pick our battles. Iraq has been a tough enough sell without taking on the Avenge-9/11 crowd.

    We pick our battles, as you do when you choose to criticize peace activists instead of taking on the misdeeds. Likewise I choose not to expend my limited energy arguing with you.

    BE the kind of peace advocate you’d like us all to be.

  2. Actually, Afghanistan, skillfully manipulated, can be like the difference between a Bowie knife in the guts and a surgical scalpel.

    When THEY scream “9/11” we can say “French soldiers outnumber Americans in hunt for bin Laden”.

    See how that works? THEY want to use bin Laden as a bogeyman, when it suits THEIR purpose, then they want to forget about him when the subject turns to their favorite For Profit Killing Fields.

    I find it more pleasant, for me at least, to slap them upside their heads with their own words, than to try to club them into submission.

    So many NeoCons, so few baseball bats….

    Plus my newest mantra is “hitting them only makes them dumber”

    Say it with me, class, and meditate on the truth therein:

    Hitting them only makes them dumber
    Hitting them only makes them dumber
    Hitting them only makes them dumber.

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