Hiding the war out of sight

While our government should not technically be called fascist, it is also true that in many ways it acts as if it is. Many have pointed out through the years that ‘liberal democracies’ running Empires act towards their colonies’ people as fascist governments do to their own populations. Certainly, this insight holds true for the US Empire, as well it has for European empires in the recent past.

Now the US government is trying to ban photos, video, and basically all non vetted reporting about the US Terror War on the Iraqi people. The principle is, Out of Sight, Out of Mind. This brings back the memory of how many Germans at the end of WW2 claimed to not have known about their government’s NAZI concentration camps. Seems implausible, but maybe not? The simple truth is that the Nazis, like our own US government, hid away their crimes against humanity from their own people as best they could.

Empires act against the populations in their occupied colonies as fascists do against their own peoples. Think of that next time you get to listen to the sickening pretense of what is passed off to us as campaign ‘debates’ in this Empire’s election campaigns. Little real is getting discussed as the press cooperates with hiding away this US government war of terror from its own public. Some are already saying, ‘We just didn’t know.’ They want you to vote for them, too.

Watch out, or We The People in the US will get led as far astray as the German people once did. They’re trying to hide the US’s terroristic war out of our sight, like once the concentration camps were hidden out of sight inside Europe.

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