Close Fort Carson, don’t expand it

When was the last time any of us heard a section of the ‘peace’ movement call for closing down military bases?
Even the Close the School of the Americas movement doesn’t call for closing down anything other than a part of one military base, but not all of it. We need to get rid of the nuclear warheads, plus the bases they are sitting on. We need to get rid of Fort Carson too, and not expand it.

Why do we have such a timid and pathetic ‘peace’ movement? We need to call for an end to all these cops and soldiers around us, since they will not just go away on their own. Planet Pentagon is an article that gives a snapshot picture of the problem. It’s time to abolish the War Department euphemistically called the Department of Defense. Or at least we should rename it the Department of Corporate Defense, which is what it really is.

Calling for an end to all this militarism is patriotic and defending it by waving the American flag is not. Reduce the military budget. Reduce the police budgets. We need to get rid of most of this apparatus, if not all of it??? They’re squeezing the life out of our planet.

And at the very least, a ‘peace’ movement that doesn’t demand sharply curtailing the military is not doing its job, but is cowering in fear of offending the ‘troops’ instead. And one that is seen hugging and smiling alongside the chief of police is repugnant. That’s the kindest words I can find about that, Chief ‘Liars’ Myers.

Yes, the Justice and Peace Coalition is sleep walking on the issues. And ahead, I see a national total meltdown of the ‘peace’ movement into getting a Democrat elected. Some things just never seem to change. All instead of actually mobilizing people to close the military and police of America down. They are currently a repressive apparatus that is more a danger to people than a protection for them.

Close Fort Carson down, don’t expand it.

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