Give Founding Mothers a chance

Aunt Sally wants you to think about peaceIt’s about time we integrate some “Founding Mothers” into our political process! Let’s make it a requirement that henceforth any official gathering whose purpose it is to pass judgment, make laws, determine patriotism, set political agendas or put into effect national security measures, should have to include at least three mothers. Better yet, three of the gathered officials’ own mothers.

These mothers would be required to be part of the review board, or sit in key positions in the assembly, in such a manner that their opinions and positions would be factored into the process.

Imagine that! Mothers, guardians of life, standing side by side with our elected representatives deciding legal limits on pesticides, cutting funding for education, re-appropriating money for defense spending, or voting on whether to go to war.

These mothers would, by their mere presence, alter the dynamic of any male dominated, testosterone driven group. These mothers couldn’t help but change the course of history. True to their very nature, these mothers would stop the next war now!

1 thought on “Give Founding Mothers a chance

  1. I always liked that big flexie Rosie Riveter propaganda sign from WWII era. The one that sez “WE CAN DO IT” and looks to punch out anyone that differs.

    I like this graphic cuz Mother Sam threatens that you might get poked in the eye if you aren’t careful.

    Well, hi mom. Oedipus here. I’m home!

    What degree of claim to the actions of leaders and criminals alike do mothers have remains debateable. That’s a comic relief map, by the way. (“Iko Iko!”) I still like this picture! And the humor. This is just a passback.

    I’ll pretend some sophistication on topic of Motherhood by pointing to the Two Teats of Keats and Yeats.

    Keats: “I love you the more that I believe you have liked me for my own sake and for nothing else.”

    Yeats. Poem: “Mother of God”. (Can’t post, an umbilical cut.)

    How navel!

    (thanks for the dream and creme, moms! the rest is riveting, i’m sure!!)

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