Keith Ellison, DP Muslim Congressman for Zionism

Keith Ellison, newly elected Congressman from Minnesota and the first Muslim ever elected to House or Senate, at first seems to be the ideal liberal politician to support.

On abortion rights, social security, reform of the medical system, immigration, support for public education, and even calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, he seems to be quite supportive of a progressive agenda. Plus, it is impressive that liberal Jewish groups were there backing him, a Muslim candidate for Congress. All seems to look quite good.

Unfortunately, the devil can sometimes be found in the details. At his ‘On the ISSUES’ page, intermeshed in with all the nice liberal rhetoric one finds out that Ellison is ‘a strong supporter of law enforcement’, and for reinstatement of Clinton’s COPS program. In other words, he is for maintaining a police state environment, where police and prisons are grossly and constantly overfunded. He actually seems to hint that Bush and the Republicans are underfunding policing, whereas he would change that! His concern is the ‘middle class’ and not the working poor that have to live in so many inner cities where police rampage throughout their communities like an occupation army.

And look in at his ‘Israel and the Middle East’ page. This is truly telling for we see not a word about Abu Ghraib, US support for ‘renditions’ and torture, condemnation of the US/ Israeli invasion of Lebanon, etc. Instead, we learn from this Muslim for Zionism, that supposedly Iran is a nuclear terror threat, that the Palestinian Authority has not dismantled a terrorist superstructure in the Occupied Territories, that Hamas supposedly represents the greatest obstacle to peace, etc. In short, we see the full agenda of Zionism represented as progressive agenda, by a Muslim! Israel comes in for ZERO condemnation!

I would say, the Keith Ellison is about as representative of the majority of the American Muslim community, as Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice are of the Black community in our country. Not very. In short, the American media are guilty of a big con, as they spread news of Ellison’s victory at the polls as being a historic victory for the Muslim community. It is not. Electing a Zionist Muslim into office is about par for what liberal Democratic electoral politics brings, but that is nothing really to boast of.

How sad to see all the liberal community behind such a man, whose web page clearly paints Iran as being a nuclear danger to Western Civilization, and not Israel. Is this not liberalism backhandedly pushing another Bush Administration assault on yet another country? It is reminiscent of when liberals rallied around Clinton’s illegal war on Yugoslavia. That’s right, it is illegal in international law to invade and bomb another country, yet liberal Democrats supported that. And liberal Democrat, the Zionist Muslim Ellison, seem to be very eager to push the buttons to get a new conflict goin with Iran and its multiple supporters in the ME. Straight zio-con agenda.

Who is the big supporter of Keith Ellison that he list on his website? He lists him as this… ‘Vice President Walter Mondale’! (And I mistakenly thought it was Dick Cheney that held that post! Stupid me.) Lest we forget, Walter Mondale WAS VP under Jimmy the peanut farmer Carter, and WAS a longtime supporter of the Vietnam War with his cohort, Hubert Humphrey. He only seemed mildly to turn against the war then, when it was Richard Nixon that came to head up the presidency and US government’s efforts to terrorize SE Asia. In other words, Keith Ellison’s big behind the scenes supporter, is the grand guru of the constantly pro-war Northern liberal wing of the Democratic Party, Mondale. Mondale, Zionist backer all the way.

With Keith Ellison, we see what a ‘good Muslim’ is like, to the constantly pro war, pro imperialist US ruling class. Keith Ellison, not so liberal after all. Another carnivore hiding in a sheep’s wool that the Establishment would like to pull over our eyes.

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