Free Gary Tyler now!

March in Detroit, May 1976 to FREE GARY TYLER NOW
We have tried to spotlight on this blog the injustice of how the state of Louisiana has been trying to destroy the lives of some young black kids in Jena, Louisiana. Lets’ take a look some at what they have done to Gary Tyler who was another young Louisiana Black man when they took his life away in 1974.
Free Gary Tyler now!

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  1. hello gary, i am very sorry to hear about your situation, however i am not surprised, for i live in a racist state also which is “TEXAS” where “george devil bush” has come to after leaving the white house.

    I have never encounter an actual kkk mbr in person that i know of, i will keep you in my prayers, these people that do this kind of thing i don’t know how they can go to sleep at night, oh but these are animals which has no concience, they don’t have no heart, but gary just keep in mind what goes around comes around i understand you have been incarcerated for 28years for no reason at all for just being a “WONDERFUL HANDSOME BLACK MAN” which intimidates these horrible animals.

    Gary you just keep faith in the good lord and continual to pray, because prayer does work, and the almighty does hear you and he see’s what is going on and they will have to stand before god in judgement, i guess they don’t believe in god, it is a shame the whole town is racist and let a innocent man go to prison for such a long time every one who served on that jury is going to have to give account for what they have done to you for they knew did not commit this crime and they knowingly let you go to “ANGOLA PRISON” all these years i would not be able to live with myself for doing an individual this was ruining a very young man’s entire life what if this were their child i just can not stop thinking about how awful and cruel this racist white people are in the town where you came from and grew up. I wish you had’nt went back there when you came from california.

    this kind of stuff happens all over america but the media don’t talk about that when white people have and most of the time their always railroading a young black man who does not have good representation they try and do this in the small towns where they have the advantage, no matter how long your in there or will be there they will have to pay one day i’m going to keep checking and i hope i’m here to see or hear about it.

    well gary i will keep in touch and as i said i will keep you in my prayers and also i will pray for them for they know not what they have done, they were bred this way.

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