Getting beyond TOO FAR

PetaI was very heartened to catch sight in the Indy of a local protest against KFC Kentucky Fried Cruelty, organized by PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I didn’t know there was an active chapter in Colorado Springs. I’ll try to be in contact.
Another friend wasn’t so excited. “Sometimes, he told me, I think PETA goes too far.” I had to agree.

But I’m convinced that sometimes you have to go TOO FAR. In fact I’m not sure we don’t ALWAYS have to go that far. And looking at our own efficacy, including that of PETA’s, perhaps we are not going FAR ENOUGH!

PETA is being maligned with the same character assassination used to sideline America’s unions. Labor too greedy, the corporate press told us. Fat cats and layabouts, wanting high wages for nothing, going TOO FAR. Never mind that the unions gave us every work regulation we enjoy today, the public believed the media slander. The multinationals and their media broke the power we had to bargain collectively. Globalization will finish the job. TOO FAR my foot.

Might I ask: what about the systemic dehumanization being pushed on us? When will you decide that what they’re doing goes TOO FAR? I’d love to see somebody watch a video capturing the mistreatment of animals by our food industry –brought to us through the great efforts of PETA– and recoil in horror at what they see. Let them decry THAT’S GOING TOO FAR!

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2 Responses to Getting beyond TOO FAR

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Too far is hardly far enough. Anyone who has instigated change in this world has gone far beyond too far. Including me…last night…in the name of civil liberties. Visit me. Please. Wear fur. Oh my god.

  2. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    I would love to make fun of PETA. Pamela Anderson and the other aimless Hollywooders who’ve found a rather safe “cause.” I have always felt that there were so many more important things going on in the world that one shouldn’t bother with the fate of lab rats. But that video makes quite an impact. Should any living thing suffer such unnecessary cruelty? I really really really think not.

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