Gore bows out of 3 ring DP circus this year

Al Gore throws race to Hillary, Hillary throws race to the Republicans by supporting nuking Iran alongside Dick Cheney. Meanwhile, Edwards and Obama play their part, as they make Hillary’s one ring circus act, which is pretty damn boring by itself, a three ring circus act for now. Al Gore continues to run his freak show outside the tents.

What a pathetic charade of pretend opposition to Republican governance. Oh, and I forgot to throw in mention of the other 2 big DP performers, Slick Willie and the Peanut Man for World Peace and Democracy. They both have their own seemingly independent tent revivals going, too. There are plenty of yokel suckers to go around.

We should boycott this charade of pretend democracy and just not vote at all in 2008. The System is totally rigged the way it is. Until we get some massive movements for peace and justice going, America will continue to be led by its collective nose.

Stop Playing Their Game
Time to Boycott Voting

The people just do not seem ready to wake up yet. Very sad, but unfortunately the case. The anger is there for about 2% of the population, but the rest are out shopping the same old bag. It’s still circus time for America’s rubes. Even reruns of Benny Hinn are more interesting IMO than the 3 ring DP circus that’s coming soon to town.

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