The CDC report on MRSA severely understates the problem

‘The antibiotic-resistant infections, commonly called MRSA, were once confined to a few hospitals, but a new study by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in 2005 they made an estimated 94,000 Americans seriously ill and killed almost 19,000, compared with 17,000 who died of AIDS.’

This CDC report reported on heavily in the news today, goes on to mention that MRSA is killing more people in the US than AIDS does, so it sounds like this is a true picture of how dangerous this problem of MRSA is becoming. But….. notice the wording of the report, that it mentions that ‘94,000 Americans become seriously ill’ .

Here is the thing though. MRSA does not always make one ‘seriously ill’. It is a disease that usually never even gets diagnosed. The CDC does not mention these millions of people that are coming down with MRSA that are not ‘seriously ill’, and gives the impression that MRSA is only a problem for less than 100,000 each year in the US! The CDC is deliberately misstating how bad this problem really is.

Why is this so? It is so simply because the CDC does not have any real plan to deal with this problem. I mean other than telling people to wash their hands, etc. So it understates how widespread MRSA actually is, and keeps the spotlight off themselves and the US Medical Establishment for not even diagnosing this condition in most people who have had bouts of MRSA.

MRSA is not diagnosed much because people with MRSA sores seemingly just have extremely difficult and painful lesions that refuse to heal well. Many deal with this without seeking medical help, or while being denied medical help for the condition. Most people just plain don’t recognize a MRSA sore when it develops on them.

I myself have had MRSA sores develop at pressure points about 5-6 different times, and never have been treated for this. A few of these sores left scars even. They hurt like the devil, but i was not ‘seriously ill’ to use the vocabulary of the CDC.

MRSA is just one part of the epidemics of new infectious diseases spreading like wildfires around the globe. Yesterday I wrote about C-Diff killing off larger and larger numbers, and the day before I wrote about resistant TB. The world is seeing capitalist for-profit medicine disintegrate before our very eyes, and the business world has no plan to fight the epidemics.

We need an entirely different set up to deliver medical and nursing care to those who need it. And we need a world guaranteed income for all the world’s people, otherwise poverty will continue to add gasoline to the fire, so to speak. We are all going to be in deep, deep trouble with infectious diseases continuing to not be dealt with wisely by the for-profit health systems we are currently stuck with. Many are going to die unless something much different is done real fast.

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4 Responses to The CDC report on MRSA severely understates the problem

  1. Avatar Donna Moore says:

    Great article. I believe CDC is downplaying MRSA. I have had 5 outbreaks since June of this year, and am dealing with it again on my face. Antibiotics have not worked for me, and I just keep praying that they will heal and not enter my bloodstream and damage any vital organs, which MRSA can do. How did I catch it, no clue. I am a secretary, no one at my work place has it, I know one person who tested postive for it but has never had outbreak. He is an acquaintance and we have never had skin to skin contact. I am an avid handwasher, and housecleaner. I worry that I will get an infection that will not heal and I will end up seriously ill or even die. I worry about not being around for my 8 year old. I do cover my boils, which were once diagnosed as spider bites, when I get them, I put a draw sauve on them and pray real hard. My 3rd bout I did go on IV antibiotics at home but ended up having an allergic reaction. It is scarey the germs that are out there, are impacting the health of society and there are no medications that will help.
    Oh yeah, and I have never been one to run to doctors and ask for antibiotics. In fact have probalby only been on them 5 or 6 times in my life, explain that CDC.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Good luck with your fight with this disease, Donna. I know that it is the uncertainty about the progression of MRSA infection that is hardest to deal with. One wonders always whether our bodies will develop the Resistance to finally stop this infection, or not?

    I wish the best for you. I, too, was worried about this disease spreading to family members from myself by way of my employment, where I picked it up. Luckily, nobody but myself got it, and I’ve not had another round with the bug for over a year now.

  3. Avatar christina hattendorf says:

    i am 33 and i moved from nc to washington state i am now on my 9th outbreak i beg for answers nothing smart is explained to me all this makes no sense i had to have heart catherazation this mrsa stuff i feel at times is sucking the life out of me i have two kids and i am a single mother in which thank goodness they havent been effected i really have never been sick enough to contact this stuff the doc has said i may contracted this through the airport help is my dream to get this stuff out of my body or some sort of normal is all i want i am over 3200 miles from my home now i feel as if i have a death sentence i hope something helps anyone with this disease my question is can i have my life back

  4. Avatar christina hattendorf says:

    i believe the CDC needs to help the UNITED STATES citizens who is going to rescue us we help third world countries who is going to help us survive this mrsa conflict do i go on disability or just lay down and wait to die is this what happens to the home of the brave the citizens of the USA needs answers or are we being lied to by the government again please please help the folks who are tortured by mrsa it is so painfrul the sores the last big one i had was 13 and a half inch long on my stomach this makes no sense we need help god help us noone else hears us but i bet they want our vote on election day

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