Obama talks of lowering the deficit even as he does the opposite

ponzi-schemeObama sure knows how to talk out of both sides of his mouth at once! And that’s exactly what makes him and the Democratic Party so dangerous to the American people. With the Republican Party of Open Violence everybody knows what’s coming down, but with the Democrats it’s quite different.

Here’s the latest Obama-con as the mass media hits us with… Obama Seeks to Halve Deficit to Half Trillion Per Year by 2013 all timed to hit us with headlines across the nation in the corporate dailies’ Sunday issues today.

So how is Obama, with as corporate loaded a Cabinet as ever was, going to reverse course from his new give outs to the corporate big guys, and now tax them as he says he will? How is he going to cut the military spending even as he sends 17,000 or so new troops into Afghanistan? How is he going to tax corproations more even as he gives out more tax refunds to everybody right away? Barack Obama surely is the guy who can talk out both sides of his mouth at one and the same time, isn’t he? It’s amazing! Slick Willie and his triangulation abacus had nothing ever at all that the duo team of Barack and Hillary we now are stuck with for 4 years can’t match and even double in shenanigans.

We should all be very concerned with this double talk. Barack is setting the deck for a ruling class attack on what the rich call ‘entitlements’, but what we know as social programs… programs like Social Security… for just one example. Yes, General Barack is not going to cut the real billion ton gorilla entitlement program that is known as the US military, but is going to go after social programs, even as he double talks to us about expanding them! We are being scammed. The Democratic Party with Barack Obama at the helm might just be running the biggest ponzi scheme of them all on the American public?

How does it all work? Well just study the cartoon picture that leads this commentary off. Say one thing and do another.

Iraqi Occupation, Abomination! Iraqi Occupation, Obama Nation?

dennis-apuan.jpg APUAN HOSTS JOBS AND THE ECONOMY TOWN HALL sez the El Paso County Democratic Party website here in Colorado Springs! Dennis Apuan is a very nice former head honcho of the local Peacecrat grouplet called the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission.

Special Guest Speaker Terrance Carroll to Join and he is a very nice man too, who has so very little power despite being Speaker of the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Saturday, February 7, 2009
12:00 noon to 1:30 PM

Ruth Holley Public Library
685 North Murray Blvd.
Colorado Springs, 80915

Both these Democrats are very nice folk, and I believe that Dennis Kucinich is, too. However…..?

Aren’t they also now shills for Obama? Aren’t they also loyal members of a War Party? Aren’t they both essentially silent on the major issues of the day? In fact, don’t they both pretend that the Democratic Party is something much better than it really is? That’s their job as Democratic Party decorations.

According to Dennis Apuan and the local chapter of the DP, As Democrats We Believe:

Defending all of the human rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
A clear separation of Church and State.
Swift and appropriate punishment for criminal behavior.
Freedom from undue government interference in our private lives and personal decisions.
Fiscal responsibility in government.
Equal opportunity for all citizens.
A quality education that gives all individuals the opportunity to reach their potential.
A quality environment in which to raise our children.
The value of diversity within the community.
Rewarding honest, hard work with a living wage and fair taxation.
Community support for strong families.
Security in our homes, our communities and our nation.
A nation that will serve as a model of economic and social justice to the rest of the world

Really now? Is that anything like the national program of the Democratic Party or is it in fact the polar opposite of the positions that Barack Obama and his herd of Slick Willie retreads takes? A message for this meeting would best be…

Iraqi Occupation, Abomination! Iraqi Occupation, Obama Nation!

Neither one of the keynote speakers seems to even remember anything about Iraq? Why is that? The Democratic Party is still keeping Iraq an occupied nation and by doing that, gives the lie that the national Democrats actually believe in all those nice things the local folk say they believe in.

Afghanistan Occupation, Abomination! Afghanistan Occupation, Obama Nation?

Get the message, Dennis? Your political party stands for bad times every much so as the Republicans do.

(There is Dennis Third from the Right in the picture… Black banner behind him)

Stop Obama’s Wars!

Barack says his effort at image repair for US government to begin immediately

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security CooperationHow do you begin to repair US image abroad without really doing so much of anything? You don’t say a word really against the torture regime that your political party participated in running along with its supposed political opposition, the Republicans, but you begin to close the US Government’s most blatant image problem down…. name wise. That would be Gitmo… Guantanamo. See: Obama prepares to issue order to close Gitmo.

That’s kind of like in 2000 how Slick Willie Bill Clinton changed the US military’s torture school from the name of School of Americas (the SOA) to the totally obscured name of Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). Nothing else changed except the name. Not too surprising since Obama has stacked his new Administrative Cabinet with all those old Slick Willie retreads.

Bet you had never even heard of the name WHINSEC, now had you? And I bet you that Obama has no plans to really end US government use of torture but rather to hide it more away. Bets on that Obama will actually close down ‘WHINSEC’? Didn’t think so… The US Government has always used torture on POWs. The Vietnamese could tell the typical American something about that, as so could many a Latino. How many Democratic Party presidents and top politicians have helped administer US military torture through the years? How many countries has the US government helped their government use torture on other peoples? Your guess is as good as mine?

A quick look at the Pretend for Peace Donkeys- Barack, Jimmy, Al, and Dennis

kucinich-2008The Republicans love war and that is all there is to it. But what about the Democratic Party crowd and their Pretend for Peace Donkeys? They got the US population snookered most of the time so what are they really doing to end the US government wars? Let’s go visit the Carter Center and other sites of these donkeys and see what they have to say about the War Against the Iraqi people, which has been going on now for YES, some 17 years or so! Kind of a relevant issue one might think?

Barack, perhaps the greatest Pretend for Peace donkey of them all, is setting up for continuing all the wars (and starting a few new ones, too), and all his Pretend for Peace donkey fans are temporarily tongue tied. ’nuff said. Let’s move on (pun intended) now.

Al Gore can’t work the Pretend for Peace angle too well, since he helped kill off hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as VP while Slick Willie was being sucked off on. Shame on you Tip! So he’s turned into Mr. Methane Gas Man instead. You won’t hear a bleep out of this ‘Man of Peace’ about Iraq. No Sir..eee Al Gore Action Center

That leaves us with the ‘Far Left’ of the donkey ‘Peace’rats, Jimmy and Dennis. Surely they got something to say now on their websites about how opposed they are to this US government war of 17+ and counting years aginst the Iraqi people? After all, the result has been millions killed, millions turned into refugees, and a country that is now squashed like a bug. I bet they’re calling for demonstrations to oppose this war?!!!!! After all, these folk are noted for their Peace activism! (sad joke it is, too)

So let’s head to the Carter Center that claims on its website that it is a place ‘Waging Peace’! I bet you’re getting excited now, after all this man has a rep of being so much a better donkey out of office than when he was in? What’s the Grand Dame of Pretend for Peace Donkeys have to say in his issues by country section there at the Carter Center? I bet he has really highlighted the US occupation of Iraq and the need to leave now? After all, Jimmy, haven’t ‘we’ (meaning you and your other donkey comrades) done enough yet? Carter Center Activities by Country United States

Wasn’t that impressive! Jimmy is really ‘Waging Peace’ here inside the country he is ex-President of! I mean isn’t he? You saw all that about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia? He is just ever so deeply involved…NOT. So why does this prick always get such respect in ‘Peace’crat circles? Might it be that the ‘Peace’crat groups are not doing much anything to help get the US out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, either?

They just Yap, Yap, Yap away about Peace in the abstract, yet have hardly done an action to mention of about Iraq or any of the other battered by the US countries out there. Afghanistan is off the radar screen almost entirely for them. They, the ‘Peace’crats, are a big sham, and the Born Again Jimmy is their American super idol! The ‘Peace’crats always grumble that demonstrations don’t accomplish anything so they don’t demonstrate. Go, Jimmy! You don’t demonstrate either.

OK? Well! we do have one last hope amongst the Pretend for Peace donkeys it seems? Hold the applause! I’m talking Dennis now. The guy is practically a Jesus even! What’s he doing? Walking on water for his Believers? Surely he is out there fighting to free Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia from the US government? Let’s check out The Dennis the Menace issues page You see it there? Iraq! Iraq? Afghanistan! Afghanistan? Dennis is a real fighter for ‘Peace’! He is one strong donkey almighty!

I hope that this roundup and quick look at the Pretend for Peace Donkeys has been educational? You do want an education, don’t you? These Pretend for Peace donkeys are something else! I mean aren’t they?

‘Change’ that isn’t change: Cronyism trumps empty rhetoric of Obama

changePromises of ‘change’ empty of all real content followed by cronyist selections of long time Democratic Party hacks to replace the Republican hacks of the last 8 years. Yes, it is change of a sort.

We will no longer have the direct thuggishness of the likes of Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, and Cheney in high office to focus on as targets against America’s ruling class viciousness. It’s back to the Slick Willie model of reactionary policies and talking heads. But is back to the Clintonist model of imperial rule ‘CHANGE’?

The latest empty rhetoric of Obama is focused on the promise of a ‘jobs program’, and is designed to take our minds off the hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars of give-aways to the biggest corporations the Democratic Party is underwriting with government funds. Obama will introduce his new economic leadership team Monday, a key step toward enacting a huge new economic recovery plan that aims to save or create 2.5 million jobs over the next two years Truth be told, this ‘jobs program’ sounds and looks like more of the Republican Party same, just couched in a different sales pitch.

Obama’s earliest measures have been to load the new Administration with long term Illinois political hacks and tag alongs of Obama, pairing them up with old Clinton regime standbys. It’s not a pretty picture, and when the inevitable failures of the DP Big Federal Government give-aways fail to revive the Pentagon welfare based US capitalist model, the populace of our country will certainly be turned back towards the Republicans who will become labeled by the corporate media as being the future ‘change’. vehicles Meanwhile… the Obama game is starting! It’s the change without change team at work!

Rahmbo shoots down ‘Peace’crats fast

RamboHow fitting it is that the first announcement of a major figure in the newly forming Obama Administration is a pro-war Zionist nicknamed Rahmbo. Rahmbo accepts job as White House chief of staff Yes, with Rahmbo, Barack Obama is already shooting down the ‘Peace’crats who stubbornly refuse to do anything other than stumble about with HOPE in their teary eyes. It’s a HISTORICAL moment of stupidity on their parts for these Regressives.

Rahmbo comes straight out of the Democratic Party Mis-Leadership camp, too. A rabid Clintonite with a long history of toeing party line under Slick Willie. No… Make that he was one of the chief formulators of Slick Willieism and made the lines to be toed! Now how do we spell… NO CHANGE HERE?

Here from wikipedia is more info about Rahmbo Emanuel’s previous history… ‘Emanuel is noted for his strong style and his fundraising prowess.[2] He is co-author with current Democratic Leadership Council President Bruce Reed of the 2006 book The Plan: Big Ideas for America.’ More like more deep doo-doo for America, don’t you think?

I already have run into trouble with the Democratic Party’s ‘Peace’crats, having had them call the police on us for trying to meet locally here as more Left leaning members in Colorado Spring’s so-called Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission tried to hold a planning discussion for Peace action. And just today, the major website of the Democratic Party loving ‘Peace’crats, CommonDreams.organization booted me off from being allowed to read material there! I kid you not! They put me into a loop where I cannot log into their site to read material that most all others can read without logging in. I have been shunned! Boo-hoo-hoo??? Oh, Praise Their Lord, Barack Obama! My crime? I linked to the commentary here on NMT where I said that Obama would get us out of Iraq by taking us into Iran… Sacrilege! Block the Messenger!

The directions Obama is headed towards is a pretty obvious political place for the Democrats. He is headed to being the Commander-in-Chief of a country glued to imperialism and war. His party is headed toward continuing to try to prop up the total system of Military Welfare spending that our country is known for. No change here, My Friends. And the rest of the world, contrary to corporate reporting in this country, is not waiting a ‘new’ Adminstration with baited breath. Rahmbo and others soon to be announced will shoot down the “Peace’crats fast. They already have. And the whole world prtty much knows that already.

No getting away from the repulsive in the Democratic Party

BillySlick Willie to Address Democrats, YES there is no getting away from the repulsive in the Democratic Party. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Lieberman speaks at the DNC either?

What do liberal nitwits think the Democratic Party is? It is the political party that worked together with the Republican Party since 1990 to demolish and terrorize the country of Iraq. No wait a second! They were working together back when they both had Saddam Hussein on board as an ally and agent which they used to batter the country of Iran, kill Iraqi Kurds with chemical weapons, and who now together again, the RP-DP once again want to terrorize the Iranians and demolish their country’s sovereignty to shreds ala like what they once did with their Holy Shah of Iran, may he rest in Hell where he currently resides!

And the Democrats are the party of national wealth give away to the military industrial complex in the country of Gulag prisons everywhere. What on earth do nitwit flag-draped liberals think this party is? Oh, I know! They think it marginally better than the party of the other nitwit Americans, the Republicans. Well they are flat out wrong since the Democrats might even be worse since they talk a little more confusingly to the general public. See… They certainly confused the nitwit Democratic Party voting liberal into thinking that they somehow represent democracy, when all they represent are the big corporations and their profit making off everybody else.

Personally I wouldn’t trust Barack Obama as next door neighbor let alone as president of the US. Of course we can only get the one or the other, but quite frankly they both suck and only nitwits could think otherwise. They both suck because both The Democratic and Republican Parties suck.

You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure that out yet somehow the liberal can’t? They will all be glued to the tube watching Slick Willie once again, just like in the Golden Times (to these nitwits) of the past. Choose your Klan to run the country for other folk than yourselves, Nitwits. That’s both Republican and Democratic voter version of the American nitwit species. You are a team!

BlowJob Bill, Super Hero!

These days, Slick Willie is out there pretending to be helping the poor. See Bill Clinton has 1,000 pledges to aid world’s poor …At least, former president Jimmy Carter went out and pretended to build houses, and Al Gore pretends to be now saving the planet’s ecology. But Slick is out there working for the ‘Goodwill’ Corporate Monopoly getting big corporations to drop off their older clothes and furniture, all in the name of Hillary, one suspects!

Slick Willie, Humanitarian! Next you know, he’ll be turning up at shelters from domestic violence to help the women and kids! He’s BlowJob Bill, Super Hero!

Madelyn Albright, Hillary Clinton, Iran, Iraq, NATO, and Darfur

Madelyn Albright is one of the big pushers for the ‘Save Darfur’ crowd to get that intervention into place against Sudan, to supposedly stop genocide. Some genocides this woman opposes, and others she helps cause.

She loved Slick Willie’s economic war against Iraq that helped starve and murder by disease several hundred thousand children in that God forsaken land. She’s a great friend of Hillary today, who just got throught saying that she was all for ‘obliterating’ Iran off the map. And she is the friend of the “Save Darfur’ movement, speaking at their rallies, and rallying the troops… literally. See her advocacy of NATO to Darfur

It seems that not all liberal women adore Hillary Clinton, and one of their sore points with her is the fact that Madelyn Albright is alongside her campaign at every step. See the commentary Hillary: Another Feminist Perspective

Imagine with Hillary and friend of the uh… family, Madelyn Albright, back in office? Yes, they would together be out there supposedly stopping genocide in Darfur while helping cause it in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. That’s what imperialists do and that’s what Madelyn and Hillary would be up to. They already are.

Side note. Isn’t it funny how the American press goes ballistic about Palestinians supposedly wanting to annihilate the Jews, yet have not a word to say when major US presidential candidates say that they advocate annihilating the Persians of Iran? They hide the info about the wars in Somalia, Ogaden in Ethiopia, and Congo, too, while weeping about Darfur and Tibet? They are foxes, aren’t they? And CNN (conservatized news nuggets).

Kosovo was the Democrats’ prep for Bush’s attack on Iraq

Nobody in America hardly talks about Kosovo these days. Remember that place? It was the hysteria of the moment for liberal Democrats who cheered on Madelyn Albright and Slick Willie Clinton (husband of Hillary) as they took us to war to supposedly stop a genocide.

It was the prep for the Republicans who then briefly later invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, using what hey had learned from the Democratic Party about how to herd a flock of stupid bahhing sheep. WOMD, democracy, and Aw who remembers all the propaganda they use that persuade the IQ challenged amongst us?

Kosovo is still there, and is still a bad example. Here, a British politician who opposed this intervention (war) writes about The Kosovo effect He could just as easily be writing about the Darfur Effect, too. If all the crazed bleeding hearts in America, Britain, and elsewhere in the pampered world had their way, the troops would be rushing to ‘humanitarianly’ intervene all ’round the globe. Yes, there would be a flood of ‘peacekeepers’ planted from Darfur to Tibet, Haiti to the Border Wall.

You see, the liberal Democrats don’t mainly oppose the military, they just want to put flowers on the end of the troops guns. That way, the military industrial complex and them can make common cause, and vote for people like Jay Fawcett (Colorado DP poli) and Wesley Clark (Clinton’s general for the bombing of Yugoslavia) all together now.

Never forget voters. Kosovo was the Democrats prep for Bush’s attack on Iraq. And don;t forget, too, that Clinton and the Democrats starved Iraq for 8 long years before they turned the guns back over to the elephants.

Gore bows out of 3 ring DP circus this year

Al Gore throws race to Hillary, Hillary throws race to the Republicans by supporting nuking Iran alongside Dick Cheney. Meanwhile, Edwards and Obama play their part, as they make Hillary’s one ring circus act, which is pretty damn boring by itself, a three ring circus act for now. Al Gore continues to run his freak show outside the tents.

What a pathetic charade of pretend opposition to Republican governance. Oh, and I forgot to throw in mention of the other 2 big DP performers, Slick Willie and the Peanut Man for World Peace and Democracy. They both have their own seemingly independent tent revivals going, too. There are plenty of yokel suckers to go around.

We should boycott this charade of pretend democracy and just not vote at all in 2008. The System is totally rigged the way it is. Until we get some massive movements for peace and justice going, America will continue to be led by its collective nose.

Stop Playing Their Game
Time to Boycott Voting

The people just do not seem ready to wake up yet. Very sad, but unfortunately the case. The anger is there for about 2% of the population, but the rest are out shopping the same old bag. It’s still circus time for America’s rubes. Even reruns of Benny Hinn are more interesting IMO than the 3 ring DP circus that’s coming soon to town.

That silence you hear is Al Gore, Slick Willie, and Jimmy Carter on Iraq

Al is worried about Global Warming, Slick has not so recently been busy alongside George Senior with Tsunami relief, and Jimmy’s been re-writing the history he was part of and using bad words (no, not SCOTUM). All noble efforts without doubt, and all intended more to better public image manage the Democratic Party than to seriously deal with any real problems, like say… the Occupation and War Against Iraq. Hear, we have only deafening silence.

What’s with these guys? Cynics might say that it is merely that they support imperialism, rather than oppose it. What other reason could there be for being so nicely quiet for Bush and Cheney on the central issue of our time? It is so very difficult to posture that one opposes something, while supporting it at the same time. Better to keep mute, I guess? Too bad and so sad there is no Nobel Silence Prize to award Dear Al.

Imagine if these big liberal leaders had not been keeping silent all these years when they actually held office? Oops, they weren’t actually silent then, like now. Instead, they were pushing wars, I do believe. For Jimmy, those were the glory days when it was in to help Osama out. Heck, he was even pushing Apartheid back then. The forerunners of the Taliban were pushing for a sexual Apartheid in Afghanistan, and Jimmy and Osama did their part to hurry it along. Oh the fun times when Jimmy and Brzezinski were a team! So many have forgot…

And Slick and Al working together later on to protect the environment…NOT. Al practically invented computers and was always telling us what a great thing it was. And telling us about its toxicity to the environment.. well he forgot that small detail Really. Does anybody remember Al ever talking about environmental issues when he was VP? I’m getting old and maybe my memory has gone bad? Now he’s up for a Peace Prize no less. Who ever imagined that Norwegians were ever so damn wacky? Al and ‘peace’, what a bloody gore of a joke on us all.

OK, I admit that this is another thread about my obsessive disdain for the DP. But can you blame me really? Sorry to sound like su\ch a broken record. But this deafening silence hurts my ears.

The underwhelming Barack Obama

The media is already pushing the delusion to liberal Democratic Party voters, that Barack Obama is their Great Black Hope in 2008. And today he announced he was a candidate for President. They are trying to pass him off as the antiwar candidate, same as Howard Dean was similarly imaged in that manner in 2004.

Not only is he not that, but his positions on almost everything are not liberal, neither. As Colin and Condo are to Dubya and Dick, Barack and Jesse are to Bill and Hillary. Yuck.

I encourage everybody to go to Obama’s website to get a glimpse of his mealy mouthed political approach. He is for education, but not a mention of supporting public schools versus privatization. He is for health care, but nothing about keeping abortion legal, nor anything about supporting a single payer comprehensive national health care system, where all are covered. He speaks out on immigration, but says not a word in opposition to the Border Wall being built. He says not a word about maintaining Social Security, but talks of ‘modernizing’ it. Hell with him. We know what ‘modernizing’ really means. It means cutting SS, that’s what.

Similarly, he blabs on about National Defense, supporting the police, being against sex offenders, crime, and meth. Bullshit is what it is. Pure bullshit. He is for a ‘phased withdrawal’ from Iraq, but not a word about Afghanistan. And what is a ‘phased withdrawal’ to this sort? Over 3 months, or over 10 years? Or over forever? Not a word about cutting our excessive military spending. Why not? This is no liberal speaking, but a mealy mouthed duplicitous worm. Yet another one the Democratic party has spun out.

In the weeks and months ahead, all of America will be encouraged to put their hopes in this man. He was already being touted as the only genuine antiwar candidate tonight on the national news. Lies, lies, lies/ liars, liars, liars. About all the Democrats are hashing up with Barack Obama, is a man to help neutralize the possibility of Condoleeza Rice starting a run for the presidency. That’s about all.

Obama at best would be a return to Clintonism, but this time with a black face in office playing the role of the Slick Willie. Liberals need a better vision than that to offer America, otherwise the slide down hill will continue. And most of all, liberals need a better political party than the Democratic Party. Stuck in that Yu-don’t-go of a vehicle, we will get a wreck of America.

What a demoralized America we have now, minus a genuine third, and anti-corporate, party.