Health Care for all

Hundreds of thousands of people a year in the US are injured in some way due to our crumbling and insane health care system’s defects. Thousands upon thousands die.

For-profit medicine just does not work contrary to what the pro business propaganda constantly tells us. We can do much, much better.

First step would be to declare health care a human right for all, and then to seek to make that a reality. Insurance companies have been perfectly happy to not deliver care to so many people that they should now just be totally removed from the equation. There is just absolutely nothing that they give to the delivery of medicine.

Health care for all is easy to bring about. Just remove the insurance companies entirely. The public doesn’t need them interfering with delivery of medical care in the US.

And when that is done, get these companies entirely out of providing retirement income to the elderly, too. The public sector could and would do it better too.

Why the US Lacks Full Health Care is a good article online at the California Nurses Association website.

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