Happy Labor Day

In the news today was a mention of how ‘productive’ the American worker is. Productive for the ruling class, and not for the workers themselves. The American worker works more hours and produces more annual output than any other national work force. Only the Norwegians produce more per hour of work. What does the American worker get for his/her labor?

The American worker gets a stress filled life where his/her kids are increasingly becoming more uneducated, more unruly, and physically sicker than they were even a generation or two ago. The American worker gets a life full of a total lack of appreciation about his/her contributions to keeping the country running. The American worker gets to see his/her work leading to the more and more rapid destruction of the earth’s ecology.

And how grateful or the US super rich for all this work? They don’t even bother to cover the work force with a decent medical plan, now do they! That’s how grateful they are to the worker for his/her work. Work until you drop is their historical message still.

Everywhere their police roam like an occupation army, and prisons fill the landscape more and more like an explosion of poisonous toadstools. Walls are built on the Southern border to keep many foreign workers separated from their families, and these ‘other’ workers are often hunted down as if they were rabbits, and not human beings.

Happy Labor Day! Now let’s get rid of the leeches and criminals that tell us constantly what to do, how to do it, and if it can even be done or not. If we don’t, they will destroy all humanity, humanity both inside us, and all humanity literally.

Let’s create a new civilization where the way to get ‘rich’ is to work, and not to inherit and ‘invest’. That would be a truly happy Labor Day.

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3 Responses to Happy Labor Day

  1. Lovely letter. Will link to it on my blog. Congrats.

  2. Avatar Lucille Poirier says:

    Everything is done in a big way – you go to a restaurant, they load your plate . . . people are huge, the new houses for young couples with one or two kids are like castles, the cars are like tanks . . . it seems every family has a gun, everything is overkill! People are scared and anxious and dulling their pain with work, music plugged in their head, games on the computer and overconsuming. They don’t know how to make peace and quiet anymore. Excess is not what we want to teach our kids.

  3. Avatar Eric says:

    By tradition Colorado College begins its academic year on Labor Day. Not the day after, ON Labor Day. I’ll ask around if any special significance is paid to the date. Otherwise of course its students have traditionally come not from the labor class, but from the families of its exploiters. That would be make it an interesting affront.

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