has anybody heard this?

I was on a Democratic forum, somebody mentioned that last Wednesday was supposed to be Loyalty Day, and we were supposed to fly flags in support of The Chimp?

Did that freak really declare a Special Day in his own honor?

I don’t know if it’s real or not, Kind of torn between disbelief and humor while and at the same time totally amazed that the Commander Guy would have that much gall.

The dude reminds me of Hitler more and more each day….

He’s also stating that the War Authorization granted during the heat of 9/11, actually gives him unilateral authority for LIFE or until the end of the never-ending “war on terror” whichever comes first.

Which you may well remember is to only be declared over when there are absolutely no terrorists left in the world.

Of course, their definition of “terrorist” is so vague that it includes people writing shit like this about them.

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  1. Avatar Tom Nelson says:

    I really don’t think there is such a thing as “Loyalty Day”. I’ve run into a few people, mostly in Denver, working with the Democrats in 08 and have heard a lot of silly things leave their food holes. I wouldn’t take it too seriously. When a lot of people get pissed off at one thing, awesome rumors and thoughts tend to leak out.

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