The Gazette defends the minimum wage earner yet again

OK, the title to this commentary is so ridiculous that it invites scorn from the word GO. And yet?… this is exactly the refrain that The Gazette seems to constantly revel in.

They like to preposterously present themselves and others in the most reactionary portions of the US business community as defenders of the low income population of our nation. And their absurd thesis is always that we should oppose an increase in the minimum wage because that increase would hurt those it the new legislation would intend to help!

It is such a comical argument and one that nobody with a low income will ever buy. Do they take this sector of the population to be as stupid as the business community is? They are not. So the argument is really intended to persuade the well-to-do themselves that they really are being noble by being the selfish and backward thugs they actually truly are.

The argument really is, that the rich by opposing the increase in minimum wage are not just hoods robbing the poor, but are actually wonderful and decent people trying to help the poor out instead. Don’t laugh, that’s truly how they try to convince themselves to see it! But it makes us in the ordinary population of wage earners roll over laughing in response to the self image that the well-off have of themselves. What a bunch of charlatan clowns, are they not? Taking from the bottom to give to the top is noble endeavor! It’s truly celebrating their supposed virtue in being selfish as their ideologue Queen, Ayn Rand, once proposed in her writings as being the psychological key to supposed capitalist liberty making.

The argument that no minimum wage is freedom for the poor is once again raised as mantra in The Gazette on page 2 of the Business section of the Sunday paper in an article by Fred Crowley, a brainless professor over at the UCCS. He has a young, intense, and portly photo of himself there, too. No doubt that he is fully convinced of his arguments as week as silly as they actually are. No doubt that he also intensely and fully opposes the approach that Hugo Chavez is taking now in Venezuela in regards to increasing the minimum wage there. It just got increased 20%. Oh the horrors, he must be lamenting!

Yes, Dear Professor, the raise of the Venezuelan minimum wage violates all the supposed laws of economics that you and The Gazette preach so without end. How can Hugo Chavez not see that the economy must give profits to the rich and not to the poor? I guess such a nut deserves to be executed, does he not, Professor? He is a totalitarian trying to take liberty away!
Oh the humanity!

Instead of wishing well to Chavez and the poor of Venezuela, we should be listening to the concerns of The Gazette and Professor Crowley here at home. They just want to help the working poor out, by freezing their wages.

It’s nice to know that America is led by such an army of clowns like the editorial staff at The Gazette and the Economics Dept at UCCS when it comes to economic philosophy and economic planning. We should collect them all and shoot them out a giant cannon into areas where ‘The Terrorists’ are hiding! They would then roll over and die laughing. And then we could be nationally secure.

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2 Responses to The Gazette defends the minimum wage earner yet again

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Well if them minimum wage earners are so Dumb then why aren’t they regular contributors to the Gazette and the Rocky? Huh huh huh?

    Bet them Einsteins over to the OMyGodZette are feeling real smartypants about now…

  2. Avatar Erte Muse says:

    There are two sides to the wage increase issue. But just to play devil’s advocate…

    Corporate America can certainly afford to pay a little more, but what about the small business that only has five employees? Jobs are already outsourced because the cost of American workers is too high–they cannot be so easily exploited because the standard of living in the U.S. is much higher than that in Sri Lanka or Pakistan. Why hire Americans when you can hire Malays or Indians at 1/10 of the cost?

    What about the American children who look at attending school as “annoying” at best?–instead of as a privelege? The best chance one has for social mobility is education (even though the system is in dire need of rehabilitation), yet these same individuals–families with children, do very little, if anything, to help their children to take advantage of what is offered in the way of free public education. There are plenty of cases of people from working-class poor families who made it a point to rise above their families and do well in school. It’s up to the individual. So, on that note, one can make a conscious decision as whether or not to shift gears. But there are plenty of others who remain within the vicious cycle; often times bearing children being the main culprit of siphoning off one’s earnings when one is in a lower-income bracket.

    Do some research on how many children people have based on race, religion, socio-economic status, and level of education attained. You will notice that the higher one’s level of education, the less children those families produce. It is difficult to educate one’s self while trying to care for a child. So even if you are poor, if you don’t have children before you are 30, your chances of getting out of poverty and getting an education increase exponentially. Go figure.

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