The Reagan Counter-Revolution finally makes it to France

Let’s face it, America, the ability of George W. Bush to foul up the world was done with the complicity of the European middle class, that always thumbs its nose at our country’s supposed backwardness compared to themselves. But Rightist Europeans have been to the rest of the world, and still are, every bit as much of a problem as our own homegrown nutty Christian/military-police/redneck/ businessman alliance is.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory in France is a true setback to the rest of the world, and to France, too. France can look forward to attacks on immigrants, destruction of its social net, and a decreased standard of living for its population in the days ahead. Reaganism is at last arriving in France, and that country will have to learn the hard way how destructive that will be to their own sense of national worth.

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