Unpublished response to Gazette editor

Gazette editorial supervisor Sean Page thinks he’s clever to admonish the St Patrick’s Day Seven for disturbing the peace. Unseemly for pacifists, he derides, haha. Ala Rodney King he asks: why can’t you give peace a chance?

Mocking us for being insufficiently peaceful for pacifists is like the bully chiding his prey for not taking their lumps. This isn’t about making peace with you or the police officers, it isn’t about keeping the peace in our community, AT ALL. The issue is bringing peace to war-ravaged Iraq and Afghanistan, et al.

I can turn the other cheek, as a matter of fact, but I don’t presume to do it for the Iraqi. Why should the innocent Iraqi or Afghan bear the brunt of your anything? I want you to stop persecuting THEM and I offer you no peace until you do.

Call me uncharitable, but I don’t want to make peace with mass murderers, baby killers and rapists, or those who would cover for them, excuse them or egg them on. The minute you put down your guns and put your pants back on is when I will lower my voice.

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5 Responses to Unpublished response to Gazette editor

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Today, the editorialist was quoting Pete Seeger for his opinion expressed. It’s just hard to take the editorial clowns at the Gazette in the least bit seriously. They love to quote people for causes that the originals would most certainly be turning over in their graves about if they knew that they were being quoted so gratuitously by such slimeball Right Wing types as the Gazette editorialists are.

    So when they took a distorted bit of reportage using some of our comments poorly quoted and taken out of context, then followed that with one of their usual idiotic editorials using their own poor quality reporting about what we said upon exiting a city council meeting, it was just par for the course for them. Their reputation as an unbiased media source is so poor, that when they distort, twist, and lie as they so often do, then most rational people in town can read easily between the lines.

    They want to paint the antiwar crowd as violence oriented, and the industrial military complex that operates in this city as the voice of reason. That’s as hard a sale as their repeated editorial nonsense against environmentalism is. Nobody believes that the war machine is a group of peaceniks and the pro Peace crowd are prone to aggressiveness as they want to paint us out as. And nobody sane thinks that the capitalist ‘free market’ is dealing safely with our environment neither.

    I addressed the city council and mayor recently about not taking the coverage given to us by the Gazette seriously, and at last found common ground with them. Mayor Rivera laughed and smiled and basically assured me that their opinion of the Gazette’s quality of editorials and coverage was the same as our pro-Peace crowd is. In short, city council members know that the Gazette is a dishonest source of information and that the paper is basically run by a group of Rightist ‘free market’ ideological nuts. They get fed up with the Gazette’s distortions and games, too.

    I guess what is so disgusting about the Gazette to me is simply that they are a total monopoly in this town. There is only one local daily. That being so, they then go on to constantly preach the joys of market ‘competition’ that supposedly they embrace. But they are live proof that in most areas of our life, capitalism in the US presents monopoly, not variety or true competition.

    In a free market where there would be several daily local papers with varying sources of revenues, the Gazette would likely come in last in sales. But they have maintained a monopoly in this town, so that simply cannot occur. They are the only game in town in the niche of their market. They constantly preach supposedly competitive capitalism but dominate by monopoly capitalism. How pathetic is that?

  2. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    OMG..Tony Logan preaching a free market economy? I knew there was a god! Tony…start your own paper….nothing precludes you from doing so. The problem is not a monopoly…it’s the idiots that choose to reside in this town. No one else would tolerate such a bunch of idiot freaks spoon-feeding us “news.” I, for one, am ashamed. Who is John Gault?

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No, Marie, I cannot just start up an alternative daily paper to break The Gazette monopoly, and neither could you. That’s the reason I AM NOT preaching a ‘free market economy’ at all, since no such creature actually exists. Nor could it, even if millions of Libertarians were to try to convert their dilusions about capitalism into concrete reality.

    Monopolies are everywhere in capitalism and eat up competition just as they eat up their workforces, too. Capitalism is about conformity not competition. Capitalism, strangely enough, stifles the individual as well as it stifles true ‘free market’ competition. Both are dangerous to the rich. But the Libertarian acts as if the opposite were true, and that capitalism spawns competition rather than monopoly.

    And don’t get me into the Ayn Rand bullshit discussion either. I should write a sequel entitled THE BANALITY OF ATLAS. Because Ryans works are banality personified IMO.

    Just got through seeing a documentary about King Leopold and how he once murdered millions of people in the Congo. Where does that fit into the BS about capitalism we always get spoon fed in the US? Capitalism is murder, robbery and genocide more often than not, whether from the Belgians in the Congo or the US in Iraq. Libertarians live in a fantasy world and are gentically unable to recognize true capitalism for what it actually is: which is organized corruption and theft.

  4. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    I am just happy to you are smart and you understand my points!

  5. Avatar Barney says:

    Speaking of “editorial clownishness”… When you two “fellas” get through stroking each other, maybe you should apply for a job at The Independent in the “personal ads” department giving dating advice…. hahahaha

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