How well is the war in Iraq going?

Finally there is unity! The war in Iraq is not going well for the United States so say the press, the politicians, Rumsfield, even. Oh the suffering amongst the British and Americans. They did not forsee the unfolding problems. If only the Iraqis would act normal!

It’s so bad they say, you think that the American government would be suing for peace? Cut in run, don’t cut and run? How do we get out of this unfolding disaster for our beloved country? So now we are awash in crocodile tears we are. Boohoohoo. Our poor suffering America. Yes, and the entire elite spectacle is so sickening it makes one want to vomit.

And, yes, this spectacle even includes our churchly ‘peace movement’. One group of kind people, the nuns. were rushing around Colorado last week to send canned goods to the soldiers and their families. And now, the CS pacifists are beginning a countdown. Tick-tock-tick-tock. Look what’s been done to our soldiers! We are nearing the magical 3,000 mark! Time to light some candles and pray.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Iraqis, too! Mention them at the press release for when the clock strikes 3. Don’t let it strike 4! We beg of you. One would open one’s mouth to say something to them about this sad approach, but for the fact that lighting a candle or two is a major ‘peace action’ for them. They’re in motion now! So better to remain mum so that at least the ten or fifteen of them get their pictures in The Gazette and Indy as concerned folk.

All this wailing and despair. Both Democrats and Republicans are creasing their brows with worry and cold sweat. We’ve lost Iraq they moan. It’s all going so wrong! It’s become like one big sorry soap opera. Oh the agony, and Oh the guilt. We tried to do good, but we failed. Why, oh why, oh why? Maybe it was them? Yes that’s it. The Arabs cannot be trained!

All this would be way comical if it weren’t so absolutely pathetic. First all, the start of wartime didn’t begin yesterday with Bush’s invasion of Iraq. It didn’t begin with 9/11. It didn’t even begin with Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. So where do all these stupid calculations begin? The liberal churchgoing peacenics would have it all start with the number ZERO, and would have our time of great despair calculated now at 3,000. It’s very Biblical to do it that way, but it is utter nonsense. US foreign policy effecting Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq have killed millions. ‘We’ lost less than 3,000 US soldiers in this time, and all America begins to cry like babies! Jesus H. Christ! Talk about being absolutely self-centered? YES, our society definitely takes the cake!

All this hysteria proceeds from the previous nonsense we have been spoon fed. Stuff about WOMD, protecting the sovereign country of Kuwait, helping establish democracy in the Middle East, and so on for ad nauseum. Can our elderly still remember all the nonsense about what a supposedly remarkable man was the Shah of iran? I date myself here, because I certainly can. Time Magazine, and all the usual rest of the pornographic US press, loved the guy! The Shah was the world master of running a state torture regime, like the one that America’s top criminals now copy so fanatically. Back then, it was claimed in the US that he was a man ahead of his time. Oh such a teacher that Donald and his ilk had! The Shah. Oh shit! Ask the British and they will show you how it started all way before even then.

And then, the unfortunate takedown. This modern day American hero, the Shah, fell. Tears. Where did ‘we’ go wrong? Where did this modern leader go wrong? We need to arm Osama and gang to the tune of multi-billions, and make the Soviets have their own Vietnam. Osama the freedom fighter! We need to cook up a war with Iran to show them we wouldn’t let them get away with thumping our patron saint, The Shah. So America and its buddies, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia armed Saddam Hussein. Killed a million plus.

Fast forward to now. Where did Bush go wrong, The chimp? Boohoohoo. It’s a bloodbath. And we get the ‘debate’ of the press corp buffoons. Stay the course, or cut and run? Yeah, but how ’bout we all just throw up? This is not a real debate our elites are engaging in, just a charade. A country that allowed its elites to destroy the lives of millions in this stretch of ME alone, deserves to go bankrupt. And we are! Boohoohoo. How we suffer they say! We approach 3,000 of our own dead, in the midst of this shower of blood we have constructed for others, and all the press propaganda brigade can talk about is American trauma! Nauseating. The real trauma for America will come when the bill arrives in the mail, Chumps.

Let’s face it. The war is going rather well. There have been 2 main goals for Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Lockheed, and President Cheney. Max out the profits that can be financed from the public treasury. And control the oil. These pied pipers of the Democratic and Republican politician rats are not going to ‘cut and run’. From what? They’re looking to extend the war, are they not? And for good reason. The war in Iraq is going well for them. Why not take it further? Why not make it permanent war? After all these decades of killing, the local peacenics can’t even get it together enough to get 100 people out to pray and light candles. The Iraq War is going well for the war machine. Three thousand? Oh get real, please.

The war in Iraq is going well; there is no anger in the air. Only religious pacifist good will. Feliz Navidad. When people get angry, they will not light candles and meditate. And without real anger, the bloodbath will go on.

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  1. Trust, friend, the blood bath is already on our shore.
    The warmongers have succeeded in destroying America the nation by turning it into America the Proclaimed Empire.

    The 3,000 magic number is an un-number. You would have to pronounce the second a little different.
    Because so many americans and brits have been numb.
    There is an analogy to a rabbit in the road watching the approaching headlights, and all his pre-programmed survival instincts are to remain perfectly still and therefore the hawk or fox or hound won’t see him.

    There has to be SOME way of shocking the collective American rabbit into getting the hell out of the road.

    Maybe that is overly optimistic.

    The only alternative to hope is despair.

    If we just give up and not do a damned thing about anything and expect the Masters to solve everything for us, we might as well put the guns to our own heads.

    There is a sick way of executing a coward. Murdering I mean. Execution and Capital Punishment are just euphemisms.

    I was in jail with people who did this kind of thing or at least said they did.

    They make the guy get on his knees and fellate the gun barrel.

    Tell him it is his only chance to survive.

    But of course they don’t have any plans of giving such a chance, it just increases the psycho-sexual thrill of killing somebody.

    I could have gone down that road, when the Bushmonkey told “our troops” on the eve of the Iraq “liberation” that they would prevail because America had the mightiest army the world had ever seen.

    How many times has that been said? And recorded in which religions?
    Nebuchadnezzar said it. His grandson Belshazzar said it, and that sealed the empire of Babylon.
    Cyrus of Persia said it. His grandfather had taken Babylon. His son lost his life and the empire to Alexander.

    In the Pagan religions there is the saying Caesar has crossed the Rubicon, the Die is cast.
    Referring to casting dice to foretell the future. I think they might have made up the prophecy after the fact, to fit the events. Julius was already dead by that time.

    Where we go from here is up for grabs.

    I ain’t taking the gun in my mouth.

    If pacifist religious demonstrations can possibly make a difference, then they at least ought to be tried.

    The last time America went to war with itself, half a million battlefield casualties. More from the devastation of half the farmland in the nation being burned to the ground.

    Another “civil” war is brewing and we have to make some stand to put it off.

    Especially since the Chimp and his crew have their hands on more WMDs than the rest of the world combined.
    I believe that would make the problem significant to more than just the Americans and the British.

    Our largest partner in destruction, the former soviet union, has almost as many WMDs as America. Have you taken note of what is happening on THEIR borders? oops Iraq and Iran just happen to be on their borders, never mind…..
    The Poles and Germans and Danes, who have consistently come out the worst in every engagement with the Russians, but still managed to give them every kind of unholy hell, are embroiled with Nazi revivals.
    As is Russia itself.

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