Is it Better without a bean than Green?

The hardcore American nut slogan of 40-50 years ago was “Better dead than Red”. Then they came up with “America, Love It or Leave It”. Dull. But now, the idiot American Right should have as their philosophical slogan, “Better without a bean than Green”!

That’s because their knee jerk support for a totally rapacious capitalism, will lead us into a world without even a tiny bean of anything left worth having. And they the Dittoheads truly do believe that it is Better to be Dead, than Green. Their theory is that Greens are like watermelons, with their concern about the environment only a thin green cover for their evil Red Marxist leanings.

The American Right is clueless about why others oppose capitalism, too. They see the entire Left part of the political spectrum as being equal to the thoughts and actions of Joe Stalin. MLK, Hillary Clinton, Mao, Trotsky, Al Gore, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Noam Chomsky, FDR all merge into one for them. They are pinko reds who hate the American way, and care more about owls and jumping mice than their fellow humankind. Global warming cannot be real, any more than the minimum wage should be allowed to exist. Both are socialism. Green is Red, and Red is Green. Simplicity for simpletons!

Let’s face it, the nutcase Right is right! Green is turning Red while many Reds iare now turning Green. It has to be, simply because capitalism destroys the environment. The evidence is now all in, and all pinkos do agree. Capitalism is bad for planetary health.

But Black is Green, too! Black being the color of Anarchism, which is another political ideology quite different than Marxism. And Social Democracy, too, is Green. In America, the Social Democrat is essentially a non European, Democratic Party liberal who wishes for trade unions and social programs to blunt the capitalism they still support, and add in the nationalism that is always the Social Democrat’s core belief. And we certainly cannot forget the religious anti-capitalists, too, whose belief is that socialism is best found through the teachings of Jesus. All these folk are Greens today, even as they stay on merely as dupes of the Red menace side of the political spectrum, at elast to O’Reilly, Pat Robertson, and Murdoch.

There is no way that the world’s ecological problems can even begin to be halted while the world economy remains capitalist. One should ask themselves, is it truly better to be drive toward humanity not having even a bean, than to become non-capitalist Green? Capitalism can yet come up with still more tech, but better tech will not solve any of the real problems. It’s what you do with your ‘tech’ that makes the difference. lol… Get sexy, get Green! Go Red! Better Green than deadhead.

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2 Responses to Is it Better without a bean than Green?

  1. I remember that slogan! Then I found out that it was a deliberate corruption of an actual American CWP slogan from the Depression, when there was serious support for Revolution, across the spectrum from Hollywood types to industrial unions to Oklahoma farmers /slash/ newly homeless migrant workers. Think Grapes of Wrath.
    Or Woody Guthrie.

    But the Communist slogan was “I’d rather be Red, than starvin’ or dead”

    I put Woody’s slogan on my flutes, (recorders) “this machine kills fascists” that he wrote on his guitars.

    Another point that got put across forcibly, but was suppressed during the McCarthey Red Scare, there were a lot of Card Carrying reds in the American Army during WWII, cause hey, they knew how Hitler felt about them.

    Some of them did battlefield heroics every bit as courageous as Audy Murphy’s.

    Saved their platoons, companies or whatever, got commended for heroism by their commanders and fellow soldiers but not by Congress, as in the Congressional Medal of Honor. Every “red” field commendation got shot down in committee.

  2. Avatar Paxpouch says:

    Shake & Bake as a mental exercise is how many minds conceive and idealize their goals they put upfront ,but not to far away from their toes. They have no vision at all. To be rightheous to the arriving generations of all kind of life in these planet we must confront triviality whit a broth of ideas backed up wiht actualized facts of what is happening today to our planet, a well informed mind will assimilate factual statements and then it will finally have the power to convince the real caring mayority. Our worst enemy is the uninformed person, which is the accommodating tool of fierce capitalism.

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