Corporate America and the biofuel scam

Biofuels – Great Green Hope or Swindle is a great article just published on Common Dreams. It comes as a good read at a timely moment, right after neocon and con James Woolsey just passed through CS and CC trying to scam himself off as the great Green Warrior to our town’s innocent, naive, and evidently totally ignorant liberal class.

We can look for many more Mr. Green Jeans selling even more snake oil in mass in the immediate years ahead. Corporate America wants US tax payers to fish over their monies for ‘research’ and ‘development’ for funding and buying their new products. ‘Save Mother Earth’ they will shout.

We should say NO Go to companies like Woolsey’s ‘GoEthanol’ gang. In fact, government gangsters like Woolsey that have pushed for Bush’s war crimes should out right just be in jail. We need to turn community policing into corporate policing and then jail these bastards for the crimes they have committed. Watch out for their biofuel scams!

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