Lies and the lying Dumfox that tell them

This is a link to a transcript (an Official Court Document) (unlike what Fox might put out on their shows, we would have to take their fair and balanced word on it.) of a hearing over the alleged “trademark infringement” of DumFox news and Bill O’Really, (see, I parodied their names so they can’t sue ME for libel, like the whiney little tittie babies they actually are)

In the accusations of Mr Al Franken putting on his book cover the images of GW, his Vice-chimp and everybody’s favorite dick, Bill O’Really and Ann “the pie in the face was a terrorist act, really!” Coulter, alongside Al Franken, and using an interview on DumFox news as a backdrop.

And made the almost believable claim that listeners and regular viewers of “The Oh, Really? Fiction ”
would be easily confused enough to buy the book thinking it was somehow sanctioned by DumFox News.

The attorney for Fox Networks mentioned first the idea that Fox had 80 million subscribers. On a network where nobody needs to subscribe to begin with, and the judge questioned the assertion, by asking if since his Basic cable package includes DumFox (my word not his) News channel, as do ALL basic Cable packages, would that mean that he himself was a “subscriber”?

The attorney backed off the 80 million claim very quickly, and said that well, the cable companies have a way of counting how many viewers tune in the show more than 1 minute per week, which lets out channel surfing, and said the number of viewers who watched that regularly (!) (!!!!!) was 19.5 million.

Now watching 1 minute per week wouldn’t make me a regular subscriber of anything, or so I would think.
And those like Al Franken or our friends at Media Matters or just any independent thinker who would actually take the time to see what other people are saying before putting them down, would actually be included in DumFox’s bizzare accounting scheme.

Then she (the lawyer was a lady, or at least female, but I am a nice guy and would call just about any woman on the earth a lady…) comes up with this amazing piece of twisted accounting that
“as many as 8% of the regular audience might be deceived” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ummm… eight percent of the people who watch DumFox news are so confused that they would think a book by AL FRANKEN was actually supported by either Mr Oh,Really? or DumFox in general…..

gee, that must mean that all the times they put down Mr Franken BY NAME and with his picture prominently displayed, are wasted on 8% of their regular viewers..

8 percent out of nineteen and a half MILLION people are supposed to be that stupid. That would be more than a million and a half people are so STUPID they can’t be trusted to not buy a book, without being assisted by the Legal Team of DumFox News and the enforcement of the courts.

and these are the ones DumFox proudly trumpets are its hard core audience.

Let me tell you, that means that Fox Networks not only believes that ALL of Americans are too STUPID to be trusted to make their decisions without the leadership of themselves, but the CORE of their audience are too stupid to be trusted even WITH their guidance.

Maybe they themselves are not the great leaders they trumpet themselves to be?

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