Lions and foxes and bears oh my!

this one is a follow up to the Neighborhood Fox thread I commented about.
We had a cougar. of course. He (or she, I ain’t getting close enough to check its genitals) is apparently coming around more frequently, our neighbor across the alley, not living there any more, but the low roof of the house, had cougar tracks in the snow. On the roof.
We had the large deer maybe elk but I’ll go with deer, a buck, was in the yard New Years. Does are more regular, the bucks are usually up the mountain somewhere.

But yesterday, on the Midland bicycle trail, my landlady was checking on the welfare of some feral kittens who have more or less adopted her. Looked down and saw bear tracks. Big ones. Fresh ones. Then she looked up and saw the bear in person, about a couple of blocks away.

Now, this is very bizarre. I remember somebody telling me once that bears actually hibernate in the winter? You probably know the story.

But with large animals down in the Springs, a cougar who seems to not be wandering far, a buck or possibly elk, and now an extremely out of season bear….
In the middle of what has been told to me is the harshest winter in the last 10 years or so.

Something is going very wrong and the animals seem to know it.

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  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Jonah, just this morning I saw a giant flock of big black birds take flight from a neighbor’s yard. I’ve lived in the same house for 15 years and these creepy birds have always been a peri-Halloween phenomenon. January seems quite late. Pretty scary that instinctive beings seem confused.

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