damn I can’t think of a good title

But I was just checking my yahoo mail. Nothing special, every day I get good stuff to ridicule, applaud, or just plain run through the streets singing “man, check out what those freak peckerheads did THIS time”
which one first which…hhmmmmm
Ok the first one is on the yahell news ticker about bush overhauls iraq team just before the Big Announcement.
now I am putting some of my own words on the title, because they sound better.
One may well ask oneself “Self, what do they mean “overhaul”? are they sending the team to get their brakes checked? Maybe fitting themselves for those prison uniforms that are loosely based on overalls? (one can only hope)

but of course there is the teaser, almost obligatory, that Mr Bonzo ooops I mean Bush is going to unveil his new plan for the New Direction in Iraq. Apparently the media whores have this idea that all of America, left right and in the middle, (and the guy in the rear, burned his driver’s license, but that’s another story) are actually awaiting and anticipating and also anxiously (sorry, got on a roll with the A) but we are sitting on the edge of our seats EXPECTING the trained Chimp to come up with a plan.

Ummmm….. in light of his recent “leadership” experience, I’m not quite convinced that he will. I mean, call me a doubter or a nay-sayer or whatever but I just can’t muster much confidence and optimism.

But if you don’t have any other game plan, fake it and maybe nobody will notice that you are packing your bags to split the country. That’s called “spin”. But apparently this story has been spun so long it should be called a dreidel.
For those not familiar with Judaism that is a sort of a top kids play with and also has mystical meanings.

Then the other is some stock market news, actually an online broker publishing what he hopes I will believe enough to buy into his crazy scheme. I guess I used keywords like capitalism and Stocks and Bonds and money grubbing greedheads enough to make some automated spam program think I was actually interested in sending my money down the hole.

But the header on it was Applications rise greeted as positive sign by investors….

ok. What investors? By applications of course they mean job applications. Which means large unemployment.
and thus less inflation. And more people willing to work for lower wages.

See, to these kids, anything is positive investment news. A flood in China? Buy stock in companies that make sandbags… Nuclear war imminent? buy companies that make survivalist crap to supply your worthless bunker…
Massive cases of people dropping dead of bird flu? Invest in coffin manufacturers. A rise in the Death Penalty? Buy companies that make ropes and gallows. Ok I’ll stop, before giving myself a complex.

The good news is that we can still see the signs. You are still able to read what I write, so neither of us is in jail…. yet.

Meet you at the barricades.

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