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Jake Plummer no longer of the Denver BroncosMy lover won’t talk to me if I refer to the garments of professional athletes as “outfits.” She doesn’t appreciate “costumes” either. Both terms fit to me, considering the theatricality of the performances and outcomes, involving rivalries that could not matter less.
The new Bronco look is distinguished by a curvy flank stripe, designed by the uniform’s manufacturer… NIKE! Bronco fans still argue it’s not product placement of the trademark Nike Swoosh. That’s a Bronco fan for you.

NFL rivals Adidas stripes versus Nike swooshI’ll admit when a Bronco is standing up, or is at rest, the orange swoosh forms just an elongated crescent. The real genius of this design is that when the athlete is poised to strike or is in motion, either end of the slash serves to form America’s beloved Just Do It check mark.

Tell me the photo at right doesn’t reflect the real competing titans of the NFL: Adidas versus Nike.

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3 Responses to Nike swoosh the new uniform

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    The Broncos have been wearing this uniform since 1997, not exactly new. And, yes, the uniform was designed by Nike. And, yes, 9-11 was an inside job. And, yes, we are going to attack Iran.

    We may all bleed orange but, under our foam helmets and face paint, we are not all the same.

    Go Broncos! Yeeeeeeehaaaawwwww!

  2. AJ AJ says:

    If you can’t root for your country anymore, why not a football team?

  3. Avatar JJ says:

    just look at the jerseys…you can clearly see that its an Adidas logo on the Broncos jersey, idiot

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