No confidence for Gonzo.

A vote is set for a No Confidence of Mr Gonzalez, Monday the 11th, day after tomorrow.
One person who I correspond with says it is a wimp thing to do.

The Democrats, and the rest of the Congress, have to do things strictly within the established rule of law, BECAUSE rather than in spite of, Mr Bush’s contempt for the Constitution or indeed any law.

Wimp? Don’t think so.

But the only other two alternatives are complete surrender, or revolution.

Any coup will have to be done according to law, with every i dotted and every t crossed. Otherwise we trade one group of bandits for another.

Either we rise to the civilized idyll or sink into just another failed political experiment, mired in barbarism.

Not a moral victory, but an assurance that the victory will be done morally.

It would be easy to rouse a mob to ‘storm the Bastille’, take Bush out in the Rose Garden and hang him from one of the immaculately trimmed trees, by his own intestines, while he’s still alive.

But then what?

This is perhaps the last test of whether such a thing as Democracy or a republic survives.

To answer tyranny with further tyranny would only ensure that tyranny wins.

There are so many in America, even in the armed forces, who are so angry that they would launch a coup, one that is decidedly NOT bloodless.

Red October was carried out by amateurs.

The original storming of the Bastille was carried out by amateurs. Not even talented amateurs.

A lot of, perhaps a majority of, the new revolutionaries are people who were members of the Armed Forces at one time.

That’s one of the perils of having 35 years of uninterrupted Selective Service. You wind up with millions of men who have advanced training, and a burning anger at the things they were forced to do and the humiliations they were forced to endure.

What sort of cold blooded, organized havoc might they wreak?

I for one know exactly what armed violence is like. I don’t want it visited on my countrymen by my countrymen. I keep my skills honed, hoping and praying that such a day will never come, but always prepared for it.

Sure a lot of the pigs will die in a revolution.

So will a lot of the revolutionaries. So will a lot of civilians who are just trying to get out of the way.

That’s the way it ALWAYS works. It is not something to be desired.

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