Another gay battlefield

One million hate filled Fundamentalist Christians marching in a demonstration against Satan inspired homosexuals? A projected festival of 3 million Gays and friends and family of this segment of society to follow? Moo… Yes, Dorothy, we are not in Kansas any more. Gays have our support in their battle against the Religious Nuts who want to crucify them, whether it be in the US, Nigeria, Moscow, or Brazil.

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5 Responses to Another gay battlefield

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Why on earth would anyone care who anyone else sleeps with? I thought it mattered until about a week ago…now I realize that I’ve been a fool! Sleep away!

  2. Avatar Barney says:

    Tony, you need to get a life- Your readership is what, the six people who contribute to this site?? Oh wait, seven now- The hysteria dripping from your postings is always good for a chuckle though- “Hate-Filled”…LOL

  3. Avatar Big D says:

    Religious nuts who want to crucify gays? Do you have someone in mind, or are you just generally paranoid.

    Most people, religious or not, would probably not give a shit about gays if they didn’t hold “pride” parades, which are nothing more than an excuse to wiggle their asses in everyone’s face, and basically walk around with their middle fingers in the air.

    Preferring a specific type of sex or particular type of partner is less important than the fact that gays are obsessed with sex. It is the primary defining element of their existence. And it is so important to them that they insist on talking about it with everyone, including school children.

    How would it be if heteros went around talking about how they really like the missionary position, and talking to their kids about it?

    It would be a criminal act.

    Go ahead and have your sex, at home, and then go ahead and live your life. You do yours, and I’ll do mine. You shut up about it, and so will I. Then nobody will give a shit about it.

  4. Avatar jonah says:

    Ok so persecution of, killing of, torture of gay people started only after the Gay Pride parades? Hmmmm….

    You know, I am a Christian. Or maybe you don’t know, but that’s the fact.
    I’ll do for your little hate filled statement what I do for people who try to convince me that bigotry, murder, slavery and all manner of evil didn’t exist until the time of Christianity.

    I’m going to laugh my fool head off about it.

    Now let’s get a little serious, shall we? Big D to me indicates Dallas. As in Texas. Suburb of Ft Worth, it’s where we keep the ones who are too crazy to make it in Ft Worth. In Texas it is still illegal for people, even in the privacy of their own homes, even between consenting adults, to have sexual relations with people of the same sex. This law has been on the books for a very long time. “Our” Governor, Rick Perry, aka Good Hair Perry, has pressured the Legislature to come up with a re-worked version of the sodomy law.

    Now, unless I am extremely misinformed, and I bet I ain’t, there were people being hanged, run out of town, discriminated against, assaulted, beaten, robbed and even arrested, where they then would experience all these wonderful things in Jail as well, for being gay. Nobody would come out and say that he or she was gay, because it would bring out this condemnation, murders, assaults, robberies, arrests and so forth.

    This was also long before anybody even thought about a gay rights parade.

    Also, I don’t know if you noticed it, but the same people who cruise around looking for “sissies” to beat up or kill, are the same ones who used to do the same thing to keep blacks, hispanics and american indians “in their places”.

    Now I can almost believe you have a live and let live attitude, as expressed in the final part of your post. But the fact is that there are way too many people who don’t have such an attitude.

    That was the whole purpose of the Pride Marches and before that when they were simply called Gay Rights Parades.

    And, D, telling people that if they shut up about it you won’t harass them is what some people, like law enforcement types, would refer to as a threat to commit a criminal action, harassment, against people for exercising their rights to free speech.

    That’s called Terrorism, and it is exactly what the Taliban and people like them do.

    Now, I’m not gay. So what? As far as I know gay people don’t make passes at me. Especially ones who know I’m not gay.

    I’m also somewhat of a “pacifist in training” meaning I try really really hard to maintain peace with everybody I encounter.

    One group who might help you understand that is the Society of Friends.
    AKA the Quakers. There are even a few Friends Meetings here in Colorado Springs, just look for Society of Friends in the Yellow Pages under Churches.

    They might be able to help you overcome your hatred and help you learn the better way of Christ.

    Like I said, I am a pacifist. It would be wise for you to never try to goad me into changing my mind about that.

    There are some gay people who most definitely AREN’T pacifists, would take your comments as threats and might act accordingly.

    Especially if you go to acting all kinds of up, you know, getting belligerent and aggressive towards them.

    To get an idea of who they might be, type “Pink Pistols” into your search engine.

    And remember, this is important, Gay Bashing did not start with the “coming out” movement. The Pride Marches are a reaction to a long and rich history of gay bashing. REMEMBER THAT, and when you sober up a bit, maybe post an apology and a retraction.

    It would be a civilized thing to do.

  5. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    And, Jonah, keep in mind that it is not only gays who enjoy an occasional anal encounter. To ban any particular sexual act is foolish…we should all be free to do with our bodies whatever we like, whenever we like. It is the right to privacy at issue here….and we should all endeavor to protect it.

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