Patria, Socialismo, o Muerte!

Patria, Socialismo, o Muerte! Do you recognize this sentiment? It is the slogan, ‘Live Free, or Die’ that New Hampshire has made famous as a symbolism of American determination, but in Venezuelan Spanish. Hey, the Dawn of Hope (Amanecer de la Esperanza) is there just like it was once when the American Colonies fought for their independence from the British throne.

This time, though, it is the hope for freedom from US imperialism that sparks such strong South American sentiment, rather like that former New Hampshire colony spirit of resistance. Venezuela is tired of their oppressive King George just as once the founders of this country were once tired of another King George. Venezuela today, Patria, Socialismo, o Muerte! Sixteen minutes in Spanish, but you’ll get the message, I am sure. Well worth the watch.

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