Venezuela was correct in not renewing a TV license for RCTV

It was not censorship for Venezuela to not renew a public TV license to RCTV, a station that fabricated news coverage during the US backed coup effort against Venezuela’s government in 2002. If any TV station tried to do the same in the US, its top officials would go to jail for years on charges of treason.

In the US, even top Democratic Party officials are having to deal with the same sort of manipulation of information by news outlets, like Fox News. Certainly governments have a right to ensure that national news outlets don’t cooperate with foreign powers in trying to foment presidential coups. See also the ZNet published commentary, ‘Venezuela and Media: Fact and Fiction‘ that comments about that.

Luckily for Venezuela, the people of that nation were able to thwart the ruling elites of their society from helping the US government kidnap their president in the same way and manner that Haiti’s president, Aristide, was kidnapped by the US military. Below is an excellent 1 1/2 hour long documentary about how Venezuela’s private corporate media cooperated in trying to install that made-in-US coup d’etat into power that can be seen free from youtube in 8 parts.

If you are interested in conspiracy theories like those surrounding 9/11 and the Kennedy Assassination, then check this film out. This was certainly a conspiracy carried out against the Venezuelan people from Washington DC.

Llaguno Bridge: Key to a Massacre
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

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