Prosecute the Department of Homeland Security for its Boston buffoonery

When a federal agency engages in a blatantly stupid abuse of its power and interrupts an entire city like the Department of Homeland Security just did in Boston, then they should be prosecuted, not the 2 artists who set up the advertisements nor Turner Broadcasting who sponsored this innocent enough advertising campaign.

At the very least, Michael Chertoff, the acting head of that agency, should be promptly removed from his position. His stupid group of buffoons interrupted an entire city to the cost of untold millions of dollars, not just the 1/2 million plus in salaries of cops and feds that has been officially calculated.

Michael Chertoff and the Boston charade remind us of Michael Brown, another totally incompetent Bush crony who was forced out of his position at FEMA, during the Katrina Hurricane hit on New Orleans. FEMA bungled the whole hurricane victim relief operation just like Michael Chertoff’s Homeland Insecurity offices bungled security in Boston. Why ius this country tolerating without much comment these charades by Bush’s ‘security’ Klan? It’s like having the Three Stooges in charge of our country. Except Bush has put together many more more than just 3 stooges in charge of our country’s affairs.

If the Boston fiasco is what the Bush and cheney call guarding national security post 9/11, then we are all in big, big trouble. Shouldn’t we all rather be out on a bird hunting trip with the Big Dick himself than entrust further this crowd with any of our security at all.

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  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    The whole premise of “averting major terrorist attacks” through domestic spying is of course bullshit. The BigPigs have had the entire Arabian peninsula under the type of electronic surveillance they only have wet dreams about having in America, for at least a decade and a half. And they still get regularly skunked by people the Army disdainfully calls Rag Heads and Sandniggers and backwards and all the other stupid propaganda shit.


    Shock and Awe haven’t worked out nearly as well as the Empire have forecast.

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