Resistance to gay marriage is inevitable

Avenue Bistro on Nevada Avenue in downtown Colorado SpringsGay Pride kicked off this week at the Avenue Bistro on Nevada where a banner on the terrace reads GAY MARRIAGE IS INEVITABLE. May I just say, not to dampen the optimism, but what an unfortunate choice of a taunt.
Inevitable? Like death and taxes? Both are acknowledged certainties, but who relinquishes to either without a fight? Over my dead body would be my involuntary response, and I favor gay marriage. What kind of reaction does the gay movement expect to provoke from their detractors?

The decline and fall of Roman Empire was inevitable, as most certainly shall be ours. Is such the inevitability gay marriage advocates want to conjure? The association would be foremost on the Colorado Springs Fundamentalist mind I would guess. Don’t you see Sodom and Gomorrah haunting the imaginations of those resolved to protect the sanctity of marriage from the [sweaty] grasp of homosexuals? My biblical knowledge is limited, was there a sex act of preference in Gomorrah?

The new Bistro banner replaced a straggler from last year’s campaign, featuring the dog who mooed, a theme wisely euthanized (to injure the concept further). To my mind that poor dog was an incredibly ill advised analogy for diversity of sexual orientation. Accept him or not, celebrate him if you were so inclined, but a dog who said moo by definition was not natural.

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2 Responses to Resistance to gay marriage is inevitable

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Yes, a bit like telling a rape victim that she may as well lay back and enjoy it.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘Gay marriage’ is inevitable, and I don’t know why you are making such a fuss about it, Eric and Marie? And it is inevitable that there will be those who attack gays, too, whether ‘married’ or not.

    And what is marriage anyway? Just last week there was a poll published in The Rag that stated that kids were listed as #8 out of nine issues of what’s important to a marriage, according to the US general public at large! In short, since kids are actually #1 in what even makes a marriage even a marriage, the general public is so lost in Consumer Land Thought that the dominant culture of heterosexuals can’t even figure it out… Evidently?

    That could also explain why they don’t really mind killing lots of kids overseas either… Kids aren’t important to ‘marriage’, but just drive down individual purchasing power for our ‘adult’ selves.

    What is inevitable is that gays will begin to raise more kids (whether married gays or not), since the more dominant heterosexual culture seems unable to do so these days. But the Religious Right will continue to blame gays for destroying heterosexual families. It’s called blaming the other gay…uh.. I meant guy.

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